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Computer Deals for College Students

Written by CB Experts

Computers are pretty essential for college today. But, they are also costly. It’s good to know where you can find some deals.

The box stores around you have good products and a variety of products but not always the best prices. You can go in to check out the products first-hand to see what works, but maybe you should walk out before buying and check out the internet to make your final purchase.

A recent USA Weekend article listed some good places to shop for computers on the internet to save money.

If you missed it, Collegebasics will reprint them for you:

    • Connolly suggested Amazon as a go-to spot. Amazon has everything and its prices are very competitive. If you use your .edu address, you can sign up as an Amazon Prime Student which will allow you even more money breaks like free two-day shipping and exclusive college deals.
    • Another spot is This is a site for electronics. It is certified by the Better Business Bureau and offers great discount prices.
    • A third site is Also certified by the Better Business Bureau, it has some of the best lap top prices around, daily deals, and refurbished products.
    • also offers great deals on notebooks from Dell, Toshiba, Gateway and more, plus lots of great notebook accessories too!

It is worth your while to check out these sites. You are a student now and need to make your money work for you while you work for your education.

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