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Early Acceptance Medical Programs

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Are you in the top 1% of your high school graduating class? Do you have better than 700s in your Math SAT or your Chemistry Subject test? Would you like to be a physician? A new book just out BS/MD Programs—The Complete Guide: Getting into Medical School from High School takes you through how to apply for Early Acceptance Medical Programs (EAMPs). These programs combine an undergraduate degree, either a BA or a BS, with a Medical School degree.

Why do this? A couple reasons. First, you can complete the usual 8 years in 6. That saves you time and money. Second, you are guaranteed an acceptance to the medical school associated with the undergraduate college, even without having to take the MCAT tests.

Is it hard to get into one of these programs? Yes, they are very selective. But, Mr. Johnson, the author of BS/MD Programs leads you every step of the way. You may need to begin volunteering in a health related field even in middle school. You will want to take algebra and geometry early, too. Johnson suggests students do research at the college level and show leadership in activities during high school. Students should also shadow a physician and show long-term commitment to health related interests like the Science Olympiad or working at a hospital.

Of course, you may want to become a doctor and still not do so by taking a combined program. You may not want to be married to only one medical school choice, or you may want 4 years in undergraduate school to explore more. But, this book also offers you some good tips and advice about how to apply to medical school, giving you samples of medical school essay questions, medical school interview questions, and ways of evaluating the quality of medical school programs as you weigh one school against another. There is even information about financing a medical degree.

Do thoughts of helping people, making life-and-death decisions, working in clinical research interest you? You may want to look over this book, NOW!

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