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Larry Flanagan, who used to be with MasterCard and was responsible for their “priceless” ad campaign, is now dean at the University of New Haven’s business school. Trying to position the school as a competitor and as a school for innovative business education, Flanagan wants to lure the best business students. To do so he’s created the Deans’ Scholarship Challenge.

Create a Facebook page about a unique business idea and you’re on your way. Flanagan, a panel of business executives, and faculty members will judge. Up to 4 students can win 4 years of full-tuition to UNH ($120,000)! There are other winners: 20 students will win iPads and 50 more will receive $250 of credit at the University’s bookstore.

Other challenges that award prizes and, more importantly, encourage students to work in teams and use their skills to create real-life business plans are on-going for the whole student body.

UNH may be a school to check out.

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