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Concorde Education: Taking Part in Esports Competitions for After School Education

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If you have a passion for eSports, then there is the option to focus on this as part of your learning.

Concorde Education offers after-school lessons that will enable you to develop your eSports career further.

Esports Competitions for After School Education

The world of eSports has grown to become a significant part of popular culture in the 21st century.

In fact, according to Insider Intelligence, there has been an 11.5% increase in monthly eSports viewers over the past year to 29.6 million.

As such, there is a need for after-school education programs to help develop those with a passion for this activity.

One of the leaders in promoting after-school eSports curriculums is Concorde Education.

Concorde specializes in running competitive eSports lessons for middle and high school students across the country.

Let’s look at what Concorde offers and why they have become popular with schools, students, and tutors around the US.

Who is Concorde Education?

Concorde is a STEM accredited education provider offering a variety of STEAM-based curricula to schools and camps around the country.

The agency offers a combination of curriculum development, direct instruction, professional development, and one-to-one tutoring.

They also offer a customizable curriculum that can cover any STEAM subject, including core academic studies like history and science, plus specialized areas such as coding and programming.

Perhaps Concorde’s most popular after-school programming is its eSports-focused curricula. This includes competitive eSports coaching as well as program creation in which students can learn the skills and knowledge needed to beat their competitors.

All lessons are taught by experienced coaches who also offer support and guidance on related topics such as digital arts, content creation, and streaming.

What Concorde Can Offer

Through its eSports education program, Concorde Education has been able to differentiate itself from other education providers out there.

Their program is designed to help students learn the skills and gain the experience necessary to access collegiate eSports programs and, in turn, the technology job market.

Some of the curricula they provide include:

  • Direct and specialized coaching in any category of major eSports competitions, including Fortnite, League of Legends, Rocket League, and more.
  • STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) based learning.
  • Competitive eSports seasons all year round.
  • League infrastructure such as scheduling, standings, statistics, and tournaments.
  • Academic workshops that focus on the elements of the eSports industry that coaches and recruiters are seeking from potential applicants. This includes logo and brand design, streaming, and digital video editing.
  • Processes for eSports scholarships.
  • Access to an eSports recruitment database is provided courtesy of a partnership with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA).
  • Access to Innerview, an online platform designed to help students create video resumes and personal statements.
  • Ongoing working relationships with college eSports coaches and recruiters across the country, providing students with direct communications to pursue college-level eSports.
  • Anime Club Coaching, where students can learn about and discuss their favorite anime and broaden their knowledge of Japanese culture.
  • Dungeons and Dragons Club Coaching, for learning about the classic tabletop game and how to play competitively. Separate Dungeon Master Training courses are also available.

The Future

The nature of college education is changing at an increasing rate, and while activities such as eSports were once seen as niche, today they are an industry as popular as any other traditional sport.

As such, educational providers such as Concorde Education provide a valuable pathway for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this emerging field.

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