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Expanding the Availability of AP Courses

Written by CB Experts

2011 PSAT scores indicate that about 170,000 high school students could succeed when taking at least one AP course. This statistic is meaningful in the high-priced college era of today; if you can gain college credit by taking an AP class, you have less tuition cost

But in some states not all high schools serve students equally. For example, only 19% of California high schools offer AP courses, usually because of money constraints.

Now the College Board, which administers AP tests, will bring a pilot program to California that will help under-served students. The program will offer intensive summer training institutes and ongoing professional development to teachers in 200 schools, along with funding for textbooks and course materials. In return, participating schools will commit to offering at least one new AP course for each of three years.

The hope is this the program will identify what the College Board calls “diamond-in-the-rough” students who might develop their potential in AP classes. This opportunity will be extended especially to low income students of color who, studies have shown, are the least likely to take AP tests.

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