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Tips To Find The Best SAT Prep Courses

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If you’re dead-set about getting into college, your SAT exam is one of the biggest obstacles that you have to pass through. The result of your SAT exam is the defining factor as to whether or not you’re going to get accepted (or unfortunately, rejected).

While acing the exam may seem like a challenge, if you are diligent with preparing for the SAT, it’s something that can definitely be within your grasp. The good news is that there are numerous tools that you can take advantage of, such as SAT prep courses.

To help you get a good start in your preparation process, here are some of the ways how you can find the best SAT prep courses:

1. Read Through Online Reviews

In today’s digital age, the Internet is your best resource. With just a few clicks, there are numerous resources that you can find. These resources can help you read through different reviews of SAT prep courses.

If you’ve got nowhere else to start, then this is a good option for you. Online reviews are done by those who have already taken the SATs before you. If you’re lucky, these reviews might even be written by those who have aced their SATs.

Through these online reviews, you’re going to find the most honest and real reviews as to whether or not a particular course works as it says it does. It’s also through these reviews that you can decide as to whether or not the course might have the comprehensive study guides that you need, or if you’re better off looking for another course option instead.

2. Ask For Advice From Past SAT Takers

You may have family and friends who’ve already taken the SATs before you did. If you’re lucky, these takers may have been recent. And, if you’re even luckier, these takers may also have aced their SATs. Take advantage of this circle of friends and family members and ask for advice as to which prep courses they took.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to take the exact same courses since you may have different preferences. But, this only means that you’ve got enough information on the merits of each course.

When you’ve got this kind of raw data on your hands, you have more basis as to whether or not you feel this course is really going to work for you, which is based on your learning styles and preference.

3. Ask For The Standard From The College You’re Applying To

Generally, to pass the SATs, you’ll need at least 1,400 points. But, this may differ based on the different colleges that you may be heading to.

Various prep courses also have their strengths that may work best with helping you gain extra points. Especially if the colleges you’re going to are selected; they have a higher SAT requirement.

To be sure that you’re on the same page with the college you’re applying to, ask for their SAT standard. That way, you’ll also have an idea of filtering out your possible options as to which course might work for you, and which course wouldn’t.

4. Work With Your Weaknesses

If you’re busy in your senior year, it might not always be able to walk through all the practice questions. Or, even review all the necessary materials for your SATs. So one way for you to have a good start with your prep process is to work with your weaknesses.

You can begin by asking all your professors as to what may be your weakness for each subject. Doing so will allow you to take in some useful self-reflection. Then, you can choose SAT prep courses that brush up more on these topics that may be weaknesses for you.

You should also consider quality studying time. When you can’t study everything, you might as well put weight on those that you need the most help with. Your SAT prep courses can work to your advantage if can focus on this. For instance, don’t go for an SAT prep course that focuses only on math, when in you don’t actually need as much help in that area of study.

5. Engage In Your In-School Reviews

There’s a reason why schools offer in-school reviews. The academy knows the SATs by heart. Whenever there’s an upgrade each year, they’re one of the very first ones to be updated. And, this also includes information on the best SAT prep courses.

In-school reviews are also based on the curriculum of the best prep courses. Hence, it’s also through this review that you’ll get to know which courses might still be up-to-date, or which may no longer be as effective as they used to be.


There are numerous SAT prep courses or programs that you can take. But, going through numerous prep courses may also confuse you if you don’t know what you are looking for. You’ve got to learn how to filter out your options, and only sign up for the ones that are in your best interest.

Whatever your strength, weakness, or preference, there’s a course for every need. When applied, these tips can help you find the best course options for you.

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