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Find the Perfect College Roommate with RoomMatch

Written by CB Community

So, you have been accepted into your dream college and are planning to move into the city soon, but the thought of sharing a room with a stranger gives you the jitters?

If yes, then you are not alone.

Finding a compatible roommate may be the second most difficult experience after getting admitted to your dream college.

If you have to share your living space with another person, then you ought to know who they are. After all, you cannot simply start living with a stranger who does not like you.

However, the process to find a like minded roommate is no cakewalk. A Craigslist roommate listing is often sketchy and unreliable. A Facebook group will ask you for personal information that you may not want to share. Most roommate finders do not offer advanced features.

Are you feeling hopeless already? You should not be.

RoomMatch is the best solution to your problems. Primarily a room and roommate finder, the platform gives you an array of features to discover just the right person to live with.

Here is a glimpse into how RoomMatch solves all your queries while bringing the most advanced features on the table:

Interesting Interface

RoomMatch’s roommate finder works like a dating website. You will get a thorough look into all the available candidates in a particular location.

The Roommate Finder portal will give you a comprehensive profile of an individual. This profile contains key details, ranging from their age, sex, sexual orientation to their profession, monthly budget, and preferred location.

It also tells you about their personality traits and preferences. Besides, you can also find their social media channels like Instagram or Facebook.

Moreover, just like a dating website, you can ‘match’ with them and strike a conversation. This way, offers you an interesting medium to find your ideal roommate.

Match-Up Quiz

Compatibility is key when you move in with someone. It is one of the most important preconditions to look for in a potential roommate.

With RoomMatch, you can assess your compatibility with a stranger through creatively designed match-up quizzes.

You can find a person’s views concerning lifestyle, religion, social issues, fandoms, politics, and more. These quizzes are a unique means of getting to know someone.

More importantly, you will not find this feature in any other roommate finder.

Privacy and Security

While providing your details for finding a roommate, RoomMatch safeguards your privacy as well. Your contact information will never reach the hands of somebody else without permission. Besides, you are in charge of who can and cannot contact you on the portal.

When it comes to in-app messaging, the platform maintains a highly secured environment to prevent any breaches.

If you are not comfortable in sharing your contact, use the website’s messenger to communicate freely.

To Sum Up

RoomMatch’s roommate finder is completely free.

You can customize your account to see your matches, contacts, notifications, and ultimately discover the best roommate for any living option you choose for college.

RoomMatch allows you to find both, living space and a person to live with.

So, college students can forget all the hassle and visit the website to find answers to all their doubts!

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