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Finding the Right MBA Admission Consultant Is No Longer a Hassle

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You are conducting research while applying to business school. To put it lightly, there are a ton of Google results. How will you decide which MBA admissions firm is best for you?

The first issue you probably ran into when starting your search to engage an MBA admissions consultant was that it appeared like every admissions consulting company on the globe had exactly the same 5-star reviews.

We’re going to run into trouble here!

It’s a great thought to have an expert assist you because most prestigious schools have admission rates that range around 10%.

In light of that, below are some of the things to consider when you look to hire your own MBA admissions counselor.

1. Recognize What an MBA Consultant Will Do For You

A consultant is much more than just a proofreader or someone who conducts a mock interview. A competent consultant is a combination of an expert, life coach, guide, and critic.

A competent MBA admission consultant will be honest about your areas of improvement while assisting you in understanding what aspects of your application can get you accepted into a top school.

They should ideally also include some practical information about which colleges are likely to be reachable.

2. Identify Your Top Priorities

Any student should first define their specific objectives and needs with regard to the MBA admissions process before consulting with an MBA admissions adviser.

This entails determining the kind or level of the institution you want to attend, the kind of applicant you are for admission, and everything in between.

Once you have thoroughly evaluated your circumstances and your profile, you can move forward and begin looking for suitable consultants who would be a good fit and who are optimistic about your chances of being selected.

After all, if you haven’t decided where you want to concentrate your time and effort, how are you meant to choose someone to lead you through the process?

3. Examine the Interaction Between the Consultant and the Applicant in Detail

If you are interested, you can find out what is included in any all-inclusive packages with consultants.

Do you collaborate with a single individual, or do you have a team behind you? What exactly does it imply if a consultant claims you’ll work with a group of advisors?

Will your consultant explicitly solicit feedback from others, or will they check in with a colleague about your materials?

Will you always work directly with the same consultant, or will you be shuffled between them? Does it cost more to have people examine your work?

4. Do Not Be Reluctant to Schedule No-Cost Consultations

Your list of possible MBA admissions consultants is now set, but it’s time to start working on whittling it down until you have made your decision.

Begin by scheduling no-obligation appointments with the MBA consultants on your shortlist. Use such meetings to probe about how they approach the selection process, what they perceive in you as a candidate, and how well you “match.”

Even though it might seem unnecessary to take this step now, you’ll end up saving time and money since you’ll be more certain that you made the proper decision.

5. How Well Will You Get To Know Your MBA Consultant?

Watch out for consultants who don’t make an effort to get to know you on a personal level. A lot of advisors adopt a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

The greatest MBA consultants ascertain your unique qualities and why business schools would adore having you as a member of their group.

Some consultants attempt to categorize candidates as consultants, ibankers, or unconventional.

Spend some time locating a guide that will begin from fresh and assist you in discovering YOUR particular narrative.

They can’t assist you in developing a unique application without having a thorough understanding of who you are.

6. Make Use of Students’ Reviews Found Online

It should come as no shock that you can (and should) do your research online to read evaluations on various consultants produced by previous MBA program candidates, given the vast volumes of information that have become so freely available through the internet and social media.

MBA Insight compiles dependable student evaluations and testimonies on MBA admissions consultants each year, with the goal of compiling an annual ranking of the best MBA admissions consultants.

7. Can Your MBA Consultant Assist You in Finding the Right Match?

Just have a peek at the media rankings to find the top 10 or so renowned universities.

Does the consultant have an idea of which of the following 10 to 20 schools are the best fit for those of you who are searching for institutions beyond the top ten or so?

Some of the top 20 MBA institutions actively seek out women by offering scholarships. Similar to this, other colleges seek applications from abroad.

The consultant might be able to help you find MBA schools that meet your needs.

8. Do You and the Consultant Have the Same Goals?

Make sure to assess if the consultant has your best interests in mind before hiring them.

Some advisors advise candidates to refrain from applying to school X since they won’t get admitted; a consultant is more inclined to dissuade their clients from applying to selective colleges if they are judged on their proportion of admissions.

Similar to this, some advisors would suggest lower-ranked colleges in order to increase their admit rates.

The consultant should be aware that their role is to support you in realizing your aspirations because you want to believe that the person you hired shares your desire to succeed.

9. Have Faith in Your Intuition

Last but not least, follow your instincts as you go (and finally begin to wind down on) your path of choosing an MBA admission counselor.

Despite the fact that a company or person may have 100 5-star reviews, if after speaking with them on the phone or scheduling a free consultation, you feel that they do not adequately connect with your objectives or beliefs, don’t be afraid to trust your gut and keep exploring until you do.


Finally, how well you and the consultant get along may usually make a significant distinction in the caliber of the outcomes.

Do they share your commitment to the project? When you finally receive the acceptance of your dreams, will they weep as much as you do?

A preliminary consultation call will at least show if you and the other person will get along, even though it could be difficult to determine this right away.

This may make a huge difference when navigating the difficult, demanding, personal—and ultimately fulfilling! —MBA admissions process.

After all, if you want a dependable advisor, you can develop a lasting connection if you hire an admissions consultant to help you on your MBA path.

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