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Five-Part Series on Applying and Going to College

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The Christian Science Monitor has a new five-part series that follows six high school students throughout their 2006 senior year, describing what they went through in choosing, applying, and deciding on a college. The first part takes the reader through the stresses of beginning the application process. The article suggests how students put their college list together and how long those lists are on average. Questions they ask about a college are shared with the advice to visit, not trust brochures. There is discussion of the to-do list for filling out the application and the stress of deadlines, and writing the college essay is explored with suggestions about when to start and how the common application does not preclude individual colleges’ supplemental essays.

It’s worth a read, and you may want to see the other four parts. Also check out College Basics articles College Planning Timeline for Juniors, College Planning Timeline for Seniors, 25 Common Mistakes in Choosing a College, and How to Make the Most of Your college Visit for more help.


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