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5 Tips for Getting Around Campus When You Don’t Have a Car

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If you’re attending college, you might not have a car. Even if you do have one, you may not want to drive it around campus. In many cases, you can get to class faster by walking than driving anyway!

Walking is always a great alternative to driving a car on a college campus, but if your campus is particularly large, getting to class by foot may not be a good option either. A few other ways to get around on campus include:

  • Using Uber and Lyft
  • Taking the bus
  • Riding a bike
  • Riding a scooter
  • Driving a moped

1. Use Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft have made it easier than ever before to get from point A to point B. Ridesharing is also a popular way for college students to make a little cash, so there are likely plenty of drivers hanging around campus at all hours of the day. Take advantage of them!

An Uber driver can help you get to class in a pinch, and they can pick you up after a long night out, but you do have to be smart about using this service. Confirm your driver from your phone before you climb in the car, and make sure you know what to do if you’re in an accident.

2. Take the Bus

Large campuses know that getting around can be difficult. They know that most students don’t have cars either. That’s why most colleges have public transportation that students can take advantage of for free. If you want to head off campus, make sure you know where the bust stops are. You may be able to take the city bus for free or at a discounted rate as a student, so you might as well take advantage of it!

Taking the bus comes with other benefits that include:

  • It’s better for the environment than taking a car
  • Many buses have free Wi-Fi
  • A bus may be able to get you to your destination faster
  • You can relax and enjoy the ride instead of stressing behind the wheel

3. Ride a Bike

If you don’t want to rely on anyone else to get you where you need to go, you can always hop on a bicycle. Most college campuses are cyclist-friendly with bike lanes that often move much faster than traffic. Not to mention, it’s a great way to prevent yourself from gaining the dreaded “freshman 15″!

Almost any bike will do, but there are some bikes that are recommended for college students. Look for a bicycle with fenders that keep water from trailing up your back in the rain and racks that can hold your backpack, groceries, and other items.

As a college student, you’re probably on a budget, so affordability is important too. Locking your bike up outside in the elements means your bike requires more maintenance, so there’s no use in dishing out tons of money on a top-of-the-line ride.

4. Ride a Scooter

Skateboards were once a popular way of getting around on a college campus. That’s not so much the case anymore. Keeping control of a skateboard can be difficult, as can weaving in and out of crowds on the sidewalk, even if you are an experienced rider.

A better option is to ride a scooter. They are easier to control, and you can turn on a dime, which enables you to weave in and out of crowded sidewalks. They are extremely affordable, they can be folded up and carried into class with you, and they’ll help you get to class faster than walking.

5. Drive a Moped

If you want a little more freedom to get to your destination quickly, consider driving a moped! Different states have different qualifications for mopeds, but most are relatively simple. In some states, you can even drive a moped at 14!

It’s also important to know where you’re going to park your moped. Double-check with the university to figure out if your moped can be parked next to bicycles, or if you will need to purchase a parking pass to park it in a regular spot in a parking lot or a garage.

Just because you don’t have a car doesn’t mean you’re doomed to spend all of your time in class or your dorm room. There are lots of ways to get around campus, many of which are better than driving a car anyway!

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