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Going to College? Get Ready Now!

Written by CB Experts

Summertime and it’s vacation—but, not for those of you who are going into your senior year and who are planning to go to college.

In addition to doing your summer reading; thinking about summer jobs, programs, and travel that will highlight your talents on your college applications; and starting to put together your resume to capture the best and the total you over four years of high school, you also have other things to think about!

One of is to get ready to fill out your college application. One way to do that is to check out this year’s Common Application preview. Go to the Common Application site, see how it looks, what information it requires, or/and what the college application essay prompts ask for. Over 400 colleges use this application form for admission so you might as well familiarize yourself with it now and have it started so you can have time to work on any supplements to applications for some specific schools.

You should also be preparing for college entrance tests. You should have dates set for retakes of the SAT and/or the ACT. You also need to get your Subject Tests out of the way if they are required. Be sure to check out the ACT and SAT websites for the latest registration deadlines and test dates, as they change every year. Be sure to plan ahead and register early!

You have the summer, but it’s for getting ready for your college applications so you’ll have some time to enjoy your senior year.

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