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Going to College? What to Ask your High School Guidance Counselor

Written by CB Experts

Your high school guidance counselor is a very valuable resource.  S/he is your first step to getting into college.  The guidance office is the clearinghouse for information you need to take the right path to prepare yourself for college admission.

The guidance counselor has information on both colleges and careers, and it is in her office where you begin the hard work of applying to colleges–from selecting the colleges you apply to to preparing your high school transcript and resume.  It is in your high school guidance office that you can learn about college admission testing, financial aid, and how to schedule college visits and interviews.


Your relationship with your guidance counselor should be a four-year one.  Getting to know your counselor as a freshman will allow you to develop a good understanding of each other.  If this is not possible, each year it is important to meet your guidance counselor at the beginning of the year, get to know him, and schedule regular visits.


We have put together some areas for you to make sure you discuss with your guidance counselor so your meetings are more effective and that you get the information you should have as you plan for your college future.  To finish reading go to our home website.

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