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Help Paying for Your College Applications

Written by CB Experts


Just applying to college is expensive. The average cost is $40 an application. If you apply to five or more colleges, you are getting into costly territory. Here are some suggestion for cutting the cost of your college applications.

There is help with the cost of college applications for those who can not afford application prices.

  • If you have qualified for a fee waiver for the SAT or ACT, you are likely qualified for a college application fee waiver.
  • If you live in subsidized public housing you may also qualify. Ask your guidance counselor.
  • Finally, the National Association for College Admission Counseling ( has waiver forms for those who show financial hardship.

There are also ways to reduce the cost of college applications for everyone.

  • Visit a college and ask in the Admissions Office for a reduction of application fee.
  • Go to college fairs where some colleges distribute application waivers.
  • Also, if you are the son or daughter of an alumni or if you apply early, you can ask for a reduction or wavier.
  • Finally, if you apply online you can ask for fee waivers and reductions.

It always pays to ask!

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