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Helpful Tools for College Writing

Written by CB Experts

Perhaps you have dyslexia, or perhaps you are a challenged speller. Maybe you have trouble proofreading your papers before handing them in, or maybe you have difficulty organizing your thoughts. After reading a post by Jamie Martin, Assistive Technology Consultant for Students and Adults with Dyslexia, I have some helpful suggestions for you.
Here are some assistive technology (AT) tools you might use for your college work:

• For anyone who has trouble writing and difficulty typing and spelling one useful tool is Dragon, which is available for both Macs and Windows. You only need speak your words, and Dragon writes them for you. It’s a great way to get started, too, even when you might be working on something else with your hands.
• For poor spellers there are word prediction applications. Word prediction works when you type just a few letters of a word. It predicts serval options that you may be looking for and allows you to pick the right one.
• What if you don’t pick the right word with the right spelling? That’s where proofing comes in. After all, which is correct, it’s or its. The tool for this dilemma is Grammarly. This tools checks each sentence for errors, especially for word usage and homonyms.
• Finally, maybe you have trouble just putting your thoughts together in a clear and orderly way. There are tools for that, too! Check out electronic graphic organizers; there are several choices. These help you map out your thoughts visually when outlines might be confusing or if you have trouble using outlines.

New technologies have no limits, and they can be helpful for students in college or in high school.

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