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How Do You Stand on Early Action/Decision?

Written by CB Experts

Harvard and Princeton have just reintroduced their Early Action (EA) programs for the class of 2016.  As a result their EA applications have soared.  Harvard’s EA applications, for example, are up 5.9% from 2006 when they last had EA.

Other schools that have had EA or Early Decision (ED) have seen some decrease in applications:  Yale’s  ED applicants are down from last year by 18%, Columbia’s are down by 6%, and MIT’s are down by 4.7%.

Overall, however, ED/EA applicantions are up, especially for schools that have Non-Binding EA or ED.  Students who have their credentials in order are happy to apply early but don’t always want to commit to a school before hearing back from most of their applications.

Other schools’ EA/ED applications are up: Cornell is up 3.7%, Dartmouth’s is up 5.5%, and Brown’s is up 5/5%.

In the past schools have accepted, on average, somewhere between one-quarter to one-third of their Earlty Action or Early Descion applicants.

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