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How to Ace the College Interview

Written by CB Experts

College interviews may seem scary, but most college applicants come away from the interview reporting it went well; either the admissions officer or the student interviewer was friendly, the questions asked were easy.

But, some college interview questions seem easier than they are. Here are some tips for answering a common interview question that may seem easy but really needs to be addressed with thought and consideration:
Tell me about yourself.

The question seems innocuous, like an opener to break the ice. First, though, consider what the question is really asking—beyond breaking the ice. What is really being asked is How are you special and unique? This is your opportunity to define yourself, to make yourself stand out, and to reveal your passions.

Before interviewing for a college slot, spend some time thinking about what makes you unique: What are your quirks, what do your friends like about you, how are you different from the students in your high school, what makes you laugh?

Consider why you are different: Do you obsess about rocks, love cartoons, bake the best cupcakes , sleepwalk?

What are your passions: What do your dreams consist of, what would you spend you last dollar on, what one thing must you do before the age of 30?

Tell me about yourself is about painting a picture of yourself as someone both sincere and memorable. Never answer this question the way most all other applicants answer. I’m a good student. I’m responsible. I will do great in college.—none of them cut it.

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