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How to Get Scholarships for College

Written by CB Experts

Financial aid today at public universities is drying up because of public schools’ rising costs in a bad economy. Financial aid is also drying up at private schools as more of their students have higher financial needs.

For these reasons, scholarships are looking more and more attractive to students.

You may have filled out your FAFSA applications and you may already be getting financial aid awards from the colleges accepting you, but your work really isn’t over yet. You should also be looking for and applying for scholarships.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Finding a scholarship:

  • Start looking early.
  • Be sure to ask at your guidance office. They will have a finger on both local and regional scholarships as well as be aware of national scholarships.
  • Ask employers, community organizations, and religious organizations you have connections to if they sponsor scholarships. You already have a leg up if you’re known.
  • There are millions of scholarships out there. Don’t be afraid to use online resources to find them!

Applying for a Scholarship:

  • Start by looking at the requirements. Don’t waste time filling out an application for a scholarship you are not even eligible for.
  • Follow the directions. Even one tiny error can eliminate you in this competitive world.
  • Don’t use a standard set of information for every application. Always write each application as a new application and write for your audience. Each sponsoring organization has a different mind set.
  • Don’t shy away from applications that ask for essays. Fewer students apply when essays are required, so you’ll be in a smaller applicant pool.

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