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How to Know if a College Fits You Academically

Written by CB Experts

There is no perfect college for anyone, but the college you choose to attend should fit your academic goals. After all, you are going to college to get an education!

Here are some questions to consider that will help you be surer the college you get into will meet you academic needs.

  1. What academic atmosphere do you want? Are you looking for a hypercompetitive environment or a more relaxed atmosphere?
  2. What kind of classes meet your learning needs? Large lectures, small classes, student tutorials, etc.
  3. How do the college’s statistics stack up? How many years does the average student take to earn her degree? What is the student to faculty ratio? What is the percentage of adjunct faculty? What is the freshman retention rate? What is the average pay for the college’s graduates? What is the employment rate and placement for the college’s graduates?
  4. What type of educational program do you want? Liberal arts or a more focused program like technology, business, or engineering?
  5. Will you have a comfortable fit? What are the academic credentials of the students attending compared to yours? Will you be bored, too challenged, uncomfortable, stressed by the workload?
  6. Does the college offer a graduate studies program? And, what percentage of graduates go on to a graduate program?
  7.  What does the academic program offer at this college? Work-study, research, travel opportunities?
  8. What is the college’s teaching philosophy?

The answers to all these questions are there on websites and in the pamphlets. The real question is: have you considered all of this information carefully?

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