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How Your Learning Style Can Affect Your SAT or ACT Preparation

Written by CB Experts

Howard Gardner identified multiple intelligences which helped categorize how students can best learn. The way you learn can affect how you prepare for the SAT or the ACT and, thus, impact your college admissions tests’ scores.

The basic learning styles divide learners into three categories: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual.

Here are some tips for each type of learner to use when getting ready to take college admissions tests.

For Kinesthetic Learners – You learn best by doing. You need to be actively involved with your learning. You can read or listen to materials to take in test-taking strategies and materials, but you must also do. When preparing for the admission tests you should take notes on paper or on computer, and you should not only copy what your read or hear. You should translate what you take in into your own words or sketch pictures and symbols in your notes.

For Auditory Learners – You learn best by hearing. If all else fails, read aloud or have someone read to you. But, you’re also in luck. You can get many test prep materials in audio form, and you can look at YouTube and Ted Talk test preps materials. You can also listen to audio books to build your vocabulary or listen to science and math articles to improve your critical thinking skills.

For Visual Learners – You learn by either viewing or reading materials. You like texts and charts. Books and study guides to help you prepare for the SAT or the ACT are readily available. The best prep texts and study guides are from the companies that publish the tests. You can also use flash cards to build your vocabulary skills.

College admission tests are scary. It’s always wise to take time to prepare for them as well as bone up on high school subject material. For the best results, prepare by matching your leaning style to the way you prepare.

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