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Written by CB Experts

When applying to college there is a lot to think about. It’s like spinning several plates on bamboo sticks. You have to be able to coordinate it all before even one plate wobbles and crashes down.

Here are some tips to make applying to college a balanced performance and help you gain college admission.

Meet the Deadlines: Application deadlines are different for each college. Make sure to mark each one on your calendar and get your application in on time. Don’t forget you will also have other deadlines to meet:  tests dates; financial aid application dates for federal, state and college; and
Scholarship deadlines.

Do Your Own Work: Colleges are admitting you, not your parents. They want to see you are independent and can manage without your parents. Make the contacts, visit the campuses by yourself, and complete your own application.

Ask for Recommendations Early: You don’t want a hurried letter of recommendation. It needs to be thorough and thoughtful. That means give your teachers and others enough time to compose and finalize your recommendation before your application deadline. Meet with your teachers early, give them a chance to talk to you, and allow them the time to do their best letter for you.

Keep Close Contact with your High School Guidance Counselor: It’s easy to apply online now with the Common Application. But, but, but—you need your guidance counselor’s help too. The counselor will send your high school transcripts, help with teacher recommendations and do their own school recommendation, and follow through on you application to make sure there are no problems.

Check Each Application Before Sending: There should be no mistakes on your application. Proof it, have another person proof it, and proof it again. Also, if you have answered the essay prompts or other questions with one general answer, make sure you have the correct college name on each application you are sending.

Make Sure You Have a Complete List with Dates of All You Have to Do: And, this should be at the top of this list. Make sure to read though all your applications for deadlines, for the numbers of recommendations your will need, for all that your school and guidance counselor need to send, and to know what you have to do to complete each application.

It’s a busy time. You need to keep yourself on track as you apply to college. Read each application thoroughly, make checklists, ask for help from teachers and guidance counselors, and take responsibility for application completion and college contacts.

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