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What Are ITIL Certifications & Are They Worth It? 

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You might have heard about ITIL certifications that are highly regarded in the IT field.

But, do you really know what they are and how they can help you in your career?

If you are a college student studying in the IT field, check out our guide to ITIL certification online. Maybe you’ll decide that acquiring an ITIL certification is worth it to jumpstart your career!

What is an ITIL Certification? 

The ITIL certification is defined as a framework that includes a set of practices in the Information Technology field.

These practices help in improving and increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT management.

The ITIL® framework has undergone several transitions. For instance, it was ITIL V3 in 2007 and it transitioned to ITIL® V4 in 2019. 

Currently, the ITIL® framework is managed by Axelos. ITIL certifications consist of a series of qualifications, wherein the individuals take up a training course and pass the ITIL exam in order to receive the certification.

The certification levels range from ITIL® Foundation to ITIL® masters. The advanced course provides the candidates with a deeper understanding of the practices, methods, and techniques of ITIL®. 

How Does an ITIL Certification Work? 

There are certain ways in which an ITIL certification works. Here it is: 

  • This certification is for individuals who wish to become IT professionals in top management firms. ITIL® is a prescriptive framework that serves as a guide for structuring IT operations, thereby benefiting the business in the long run. 
  • ITIL is an international framework that includes thousands of IT professionals seeking certification for the same. It is globally accredited that teaches candidates several methods to help businesses yield profits. 
  • These represent that the candidate is well-educated in the field of service management. ITIL professionals are high in demand and they possess the skills to grow the business. 
  • It helps in project management which helps in developing, delivering, and maintaining the services. 

Benefits of ITIL® Certification 

ITIL has been the leading framework that has helped individuals enhance their careers by helping businesses to grow in value, worth, and profits.

Have a look at the benefits of the ITIL certification online:

The ITIL® framework and the techniques include a set of practices for IT service management. 

The ITIL® certification lays emphasis on the value of co-creation, thereby transforming the demand into value through ITSM practices.

People taking ITIL certification acquire a deep knowledge of these methods and practices that can be used to increase business efficiency. 

The ITIL® framework is aligned with various quality standards that help the companies grow.

The skills acquired by the candidates through ITIL certifications help in the career growth of an individual as well as the organization. 

ITIL®-certified professionals are in high demand.

According to the stats, it has been seen that over 90% of the employers emphasized the fact that it was challenging to find certified professionals to fill the job vacancies.

Here are some other statistics: 

  • Around 72% of the certified professionals claimed that ITIL certification made them more marketable. 
  • Around 70% of the professionals indicated that after getting ITIL certification online, they have had complete knowledge and expertise. 
  • Over 55% of the people felt that ITIL certifications had improved the overall job effectiveness. 

Now, there are four certification levels of ITIL. Let us have a look at them! 

ITIL Certification Levels 

ITIL certification is divided into four levels. Out of these four levels, the three levels are based on the number of credits acquired by the candidate and the passing rate of the examination.

Here are the certification levels of ITIL:

ITIL® Foundation 

The ITIL foundation certification enables the candidates to deliver the services and continue to improve the tech-enabled products and services. This foundation certification helps the candidates in acquiring a basic understanding of ITIL. 

ITIL® Management Professional

The ITIL Management Professional phase provides technical and practical knowledge to the candidates.

In this Phase, the candidates learn about the ways to run successful IT services, workflows, teams, etc. 

ITIL® Strategic Leader 

The ITIL strategic leader phase provides the candidates with an understanding of how IT influences the strategies and plans of the business.

In this, the candidates will learn how technologies impact the organization and how the leaders should respond to these influences. 

ITIL® Master 

The final phase is the ITIL master, which validates the expert ability of the candidates to apply principles, methods, and techniques to help the business grow.

To earn the ITIL master’s certification, the candidate must be able to justify how the principles and methods help in supporting the growth of the business. 

So, these are the four levels of ITIL® certification. These certification levels help in the individual’s growth, thereby stabilizing future prospects.  

Is ITIL® Certification Really Worth It? 

When we talk about this certification, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it can help college students stabilize their future careers, thereby providing financial security and job security.

ITIL certification is globally recognized and is a widely adopted framework. This framework helps the candidates in maximizing the value of their IT certification.

The candidates gain the necessary skills and experience that complement the certification. 

As far as the monetary gain is concerned, ITIL professionals can easily gain a six-figure salary. Based on their training and experience, they can get good salaries and job posts in the top companies. 

So, yes! ITIL certifications are really worth it.

These certifications can secure the candidate’s future, thereby providing them with numerous career options. 


ITIL Certifications provide the candidates with the best job opportunities.

In order to take up the ITIL certification training, one can apply to KnowledgeHut’s ITIL® 4 Foundation certification training will help the candidates gain optimal value from digital and IT services.

Candidates will learn through real-world simulations, case studies, mock tests, etc. The training will level up your skills and will make you more valuable and marketable.

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