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Last Minute Advice for the College Applicant: your Résumé

Written by CB Experts

Your résumé is a very important part of your college application. Oops, you haven’t done one yet?—well, you need to!

Most selective colleges ask for your application to be sent in by the first part of January. It is always best to send that application in early, say, by the beginning of December. This shows you have real interest in the school and that you are not last-minute. And, a big part of that completed application is your résumé.

The résumé explains what you have done throughout high school and shows both how you are different from other seniors and what talents you have. Your résumé should include awards, activities, honors, volunteering, leadership experiences, and work experiences. Academics, athletics, and community involvement should all be covered.

If you have not kept a complete record of what you have done during your four years in high school, don’t trust only to your memory. Ask teachers, your guidance counselor, friends, and your parents about what they know about you and what they remember about what you have done. You should cover even things YOU think are not important, like a trip cross country or summer classes, because you don’t want to leave out something that might set you apart from other applicants.

And remember, even though you have gotten your application in before deadline, if you still have achievements and accomplishments to note as your senior year progresses, you should always email or write to your college admission office to update your résumé.

For good samples of both regular application résumés and specific athletic résumés, see College Basics.

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