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Life After University – 6 Things all Graduates Should do Next

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Knowing that you have that degree under your belt and a professional qualification to boot is a great feeling. Maybe you’re ready to launch yourself into the career you’ve always dreamed of, maybe you’re heading back home for a while, or perhaps you have no idea what to do next.

Whether you have a plan or not, there are some things that all graduates should have on their ‘to-do’ lists. Read on for 6 things all graduates should do next.

Join a recruitment agency

If you’re planning to head straight into the industry you’re now highly qualified in, then you can always use a professional recruitment agency. Companies like 4 Corner resources can definitely point you in the right direction to get started. When you use a recruitment agency, they help pinpoint vacancies in the career you want to succeed in and bridge the gap between you and those potential employers. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, then a recruitment agency can also help you find the right candidates to fill job roles within your company.

Take a gap year

Every year, thousands of graduates choose to embark on a gap year once their studies are over. It gives you a chance to have a bit of fun now your studies are completed, as well as the opportunity to meet new people and discover new and exciting places. If you’re unsure of where you want to go or what you want to do now that uni is finishing, then heading around the world will give you time to consider all your options or even provide you with a little clarity. Heading abroad also gives you the opportunity to better yourself, improve your problem-solving abilities, enhance your communication skills, and expand your network. All of which are perfect additions on any CV!

Sell all those old textbooks

You’re never going to use them again and it’s always worth trying to claw back some of the money you spent on them. Head to social media or online student forums and sell your old textbooks on to the next group of students starting their final year.

Get your deposit back

It’s a grim reality, but one all students have to face at some point. When you finally move out of your student accommodation, if you want any chance of getting your deposit back you’re going to need to give the property a deep clean and repair any damage you and your roommates may have caused. Cleaning up your accommodation sounds like hard work, but with a little organization and some basic cleaning equipment, you can get the place sparkling again.

Cancel your utilities

If your bills weren’t included in your rent, then you need to remember to cancel all your utilities, otherwise, you’re going to continue to pay for them when you’re back home! Electricity, gas, water, your TV license and, of course, your internet connection all need to be canceled as soon as possible. Don’t forget to take meter readings before you leave.

Stay in touch

You’ve probably made some good friends over the years, some who might be friends for life. So it’s important that you keep in touch with those who have added value to your life as a student. Reach out as soon as possible and arrange to meet!

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