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Thank you, Carla Thornton! In the January 24th edition of USA Weekend, Carla wrote about social lending sites. If you as a college student or prospective college student are worried about paying for college, these sites may be the answer.

Carla’s article suggests going online to where you can petition those who are registered lenders on this site to fund your college loan. All you need to do is list the amount you are looking for and write about yourself. Anyone on the network can help, or you can ask friends and family to sign up on this site as lenders and pool their resources. Loans on this site are offered at 6.8% interest, but lenders can waive the interest rate.

Carla also mentions another option, This money is interest-free but is in small amounts, some amounts as low as $1. Still even small amounts can add up. This site will connect you to companies or individuals willing to loan monies.

Other popular lending lending communities include and  CollegeBasics recommends that people should check out terms and payment schedules of any lender.
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