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Top Ways Parents & Teachers Can Motivate Students To Study

top ways parents and teachers can motivate students to study
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Some students may lack the motivation they need to study. This may be due to stress from peers, teachers, and parents. Some of these students have simply lost interest and become unable to keep up with the pressure. Lack of motivation affects the student’s ability to learn, which reflects on their overall academic performance.

Different students are motivated in different ways. Teachers, parents, and mentors can play a significant role in providing this needed motivation. Here are some ways for you to encourage students to live up to their full potential.

Believe in Them

Students want to know that you believe that they are able to accomplish the task at hand. Consistent reassurance can encourage students to give their maximum effort. More often than not, the child will give more effort in an attempt to not let you down.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement can help students with their self-esteem, as opposed to using punishments. As a parent creating a threat-free and supportive environment where students can become creative is very important.

Give Students the Power of Choice

When students are given the opportunity to choose the assignments or projects they work on, they become more motivated to complete them. If you are a teacher, try giving your students a few different options when assigning work whenever possible. If you are a parent, try letting your child pick the assignments they would like to work on first.

Remember to assist the student and familiarize them with the 10 proper essay writing rules to ensure that they are producing quality work. You may also find it beneficial to show them tutorials from a trustworthy academic service. It is important, however, to make sure that they are doing the work themselves, and not just listening to lectures or watching you do it on their behalf.

Make a Few Changes

While having a structured schedule can be beneficial, it can also become tedious and frustrating. Ensure that students have the opportunity for a break in the routine so they remain motivated. If you’re a teacher, try taking your class on a field trip to somewhere that can be of educational value. If you’re a parent, try letting your student finish up their assignment in the backyard or another alternative location to foster learning in different environments.  A few changes can help inspire learners, especially the ones who are easily distracted while listening to lectures.

Use Rewards and Competition

High school and college can be a stressful place, as students are constantly competing for grades.  Knowing this, try fostering competing in a safe environment, which can be beneficial for all students. The students need to understand that it is for fun, and shouldn’t experience any kind of pressure if they fail to win.

Positive competition can help students bond, especially while working on group projects or studying with their friends. There should be a simple reward that can be earned by completing simple tasks. Everyone wants to win and feel a sense of accomplishment, and a few rewards can bring the fun back to studying at school or at home.

Students can get frustrated if they are not given a chance to succeed and if they don’t have someone who believes in them. Helping them realize their full potential can make a big impact.

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