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Need Help with the ACT?

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The ACT is different from the SAT. Wrong answers do not count against you in ACT scoring. For this reason you want to answer every question to raise the possibility of right answers for higher scoring. That means you must get through the whole test. But, the test is long. There are 60 questions on the math section, and you have 60 minutes to complete this section–only one minute per question. The English section has 75 questions that have to be completed in 45 minutes!

Now there is a watch that can help you prepare for the ACT and improve your pacing. Although it can be used as a regular watch, it also has preset timing for all five sections of the ACT: math, English, reading, writing, and science.


Taking practice ACT tests with the watch will help set your internal clock and pace yourself for the test. Obviously pacing is very important for better scores. You can also wear the watch while testing to help you through the actual test when you may be experiencing pressure and lose track of time. This watch is available on Amazon.

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