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Ann Pleshette Murphy of USA Weekend wrote last April about new ways to prepare for the SAT. Here are the three suggestions she made.

 Books – Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to the SAT: This is a book by people who did well on the SAT. The book offers some tricks for learning what you need for the test.

Game – Kaplan SAT Prep 2008: offers an interactive game you can use on your iPod. It includes quizzes, tutorials, and reviews.

Songs – Yes, songs! – Flocabulary SAT Vocabulary ( uses rap lyrics and hip-hop songs to help you get words often seen on the test in your head!

Getting prepared and ready for the SAT is important. Both students and parents need to make sure any guides, learning aids, or tutors work for you! That means they match your style of learning and are understandable. There is too much out there to settle, so get started early to check out what will help you most and use it.


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