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Online Education May or May Not be a Good Choice


There is much to be said about choosing to take online courses.

First online education makes a lot of sense for nontraditional students who are working and do not have the time to travel to a campus classroom. It is much more convenient for them to work from home. Many online courses are convenient for traditional students as well because students can work at their own pace, adapting any program for their own needs.

With online education you also avoid many extraneous costs. Such additional costs include room and board, fees, travel, and parking. Thousands of dollars can be saved doing course work o0nline instead of enrolling on a college campus. In addition, one can attend an out-of-state institution without paying the extra non-residence fees.

When you think about it, at least online education is good for the general courses required by colleges. A freshman survey course is pretty much the same online as face-to-face. Why not enroll in general education courses offered by online programs like Straightline? This program requires just a $90 a month fee. Students can take as many courses as they wish in the time frame they set. The only additional cost is a $39 activation fee per course taken.

But, Straightline does not have a regular faculty and is not accredited. That means a student has to earn the credits and then negotiate with an accredited, degree-giving institution. It will cost money to transfer credits and not all credits will be accepted.

So for all the savings one can achieve with some online programs, eventually there does need to be some mixing of reduced-fee online courses with online courses offered by accredited institutions. This is where the savings become less apparent.

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