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You’ve heard of on-line college degrees, but now you can be attending a college and supplement your learning with on-line programming that you can either watch as it’s streamed or down load to your iPod.

More and more the internet offers high quality content that can be used to help you with courses you’re taking or with research you may be doing. Much of this programming comes straight from universities, various public service organizations, and book stores.

You can start with YouTube. Google’s Advanced Video Search will give you lectures from professors at top universities along with other informational programming. UCTV, the broadcasting arm of the University of California which provides some if it best education and enrichment programming, is found on YouTube, too. allows you to browse by topic and provides classes and lectures by scientists and other academics. And, try iTunesU for free downloads from other university produced programs.

You can be active and multitask and still augment your education and research with the click of a mouse.

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