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Top 9 Paper Writing Services to Boost Your Academic Grades in 2022

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According to recent studies, 43% of full-time and 81% of part-time students in the US have to combine the learning process with at least a part-time job.

Most of them have to pay for the opportunity to get higher education on their own, and 38% of students are worried they won’t have enough money to cover the tuition costs. 

How can you find a reasonable balance and combine your studies with a job? Using academic writing assistance is a top way out most busy students are well-aware of.

This article also lists the top 9 academic help companies you can rely on and confidently outsource some of your assignments to. 

1. Master Papers

If you have long been looking for a trusted assignment writing service, Master Papers is here to support and boost your academic performance.

The academic team you are welcome to hire on this platform makes this company outstanding in the academic services market.

All the writers were carefully selected and tested, ensuring that they had academic grades and were fluent in English.

The company is also glad to share a lot of special offers for students. For example, you can get a discount on your first order, plus take advantage of additional services that are now free.

For instance, the writers create bibliography pages free of charge, and you can communicate with your selected writers unlimitedly. 

2. Pay for Essay

In most cases, it is actually easier to pay for college paper than to write it on your own, especially if you are well-versed in technical disciplines and have no creative talent.

“Pay for an essay and enjoy your day” is the motto of the second academic writing company we would like to recommend to students in 2022.

The goal of the service is to relieve you from stress in case you have recently forgotten about your paper and need it right here and how. The company promises to deal with it in less than 1 hour.

Perhaps, such a promise doesn’t apply to dissertation writing. However, if your essay paper should be up to 2 pages and the topic is relatively simple, you can expect urgent support.

Indeed, all the academic writing standards will be followed, in addition to the top-notch customer service. 

3. Essay Writer

Have you ever dreamed about a personal paper writer who is ready to support you even during the most challenging times and heavy academic loads?

Then, you are welcome to meet the next company on our list.

Essay Writer is a team of top-skilled academic professionals, each of whom is ready to share their knowledge round the clock and save you from low grades. 

What’s more, the writers from this platform are pretty skilled with performing urgent orders – you can apply for an essay writing service and expect your short essay to be done in an hour, a more complex assignment will be done in 3 hours, and it will take 12 hours to create a research paper for you.

But, please, note that the prices for urgent services can be higher, so it is better to place your order in advance. 

4. Free Paper Writer

Free Paper Writer is another service worth paying attention to. The company’s offers are pretty standard.

Here you can place a quick order with a request to write a paper across multiple disciplines, and rest assured that it will be done on time.

Any paper writer on this platform will follow the specified requirements, staying compliant with the academic writing rules and formatting styles.

For those students eager to get high-quality paper examples along with some inspiration, there is an opportunity to download top-notch sample essays and get an idea of what an A-promising assignment should look like. 

5. Grade Miners

Grade Miners is one of the leaders in the academic writing market. This service is well-known to the students who value their time and money, preferring to pay for the highest-end support instead of risking their grades.

Grade Miners hires a team of 3500+ academic writers well-versed in 25+ academic disciplines. With such a large team, you have no reason to worry that there will be trouble with finding an available writer to cope with your order.

The company also states that 97% of the orders are delivered on time, and 9 out of 10 students report the highest grades possible after submitting the final paper to their professors.

So, collaboration with this company will actually be value-adding and any other we are reviewing in this article. 

6. Write My Essays

Write My Essays is another top-notch company you are welcome to collaborate with. The services it provides are pretty standard, so, as always, you can be sure of the highest-end quality of the final paper, affordable prices, and no deadlines missed.

To improve the quality of the essays and papers, the company also hires a team of editors. That’s why Write My Essays often becomes a choice for students whose professors are rigorous and easy to annoy with even the slightest mistake.

After placing an order on this platform, you are also welcome to communicate with your writer, plus ask them for minor edits within two weeks after the order is completed. 

7. Write My Essay Today

As the name suggests, this is a service for students searching for an urgent opportunity in response to a “write my essay” request.

Write My Essay Today is a perfect match service for those students who appreciate the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness when getting academic help.

The company states that it has a 96% satisfaction rate, and 84% of its customers come back for a repeat order.

The writers you can hire here are also pretty skilled across the disciplines. For them, dealing with your literature essay or math lab is as easy as pie since most of them are leading university graduates. 

Pay special attention to the fact that the company makes a disclaimer stating that it may abandon some of the orders, which can be too specific. Write My Essay Today has a capability assurance policy, according to which they verify the requirements before assigning the order to the writer.

The orders in medicine, construction, engineering, and aviation can be declined after careful review. 

8. Essay USA

Essay USA is an essay writing service that welcomes you to meet the writer in person in addition to the high-end services.

While most academic writing companies hide their writers to keep the process confidential for both parties, Essay USA supports the opinion that the student should know who is dealing with their order. 

That’s why on this platform, you can choose the writer you like on your own, after discovering their rating and reading the reviews from previous customers. There are almost 1500 writers for hire here with 95,5% positive feedback.

The services you can get on this platform are extensive as well. In addition to the opportunity to buy an essay, you can also order a dissertation plus use other tools that will help you with writing a paper on your own.

As always, on-time delivery, top-notch quality, no plagiarism issues, and money-back option are guaranteed. 

9. Essays Rescue

Still in search of the best essay writing service? You already have several winning options to choose from but let’s pay attention to one more company that can relieve your academic stress.

As the name suggests, Essays Rescue is a platform that has collected authentic reviews and created a rating of top-notch companies on the academic assistance market.

The main goal of this website is to facilitate your search and let you be guided by social proof when choosing a paper writing company to collaborate with.

The platform also shares practice-proven tips to avoid scams and fraud, so you are welcome to check them. 

To Use or Not to Use – Solving the Dilemma

Getting academic help is both easy and affordable. The companies we have listed in this article are well-known for their reputation, high level of service, reliability, and customer-centric approaches.

However, some students still hesitate to use academic help because, in their opinion, it may be dishonest. 

We don’t claim that hiring a paper writer to do all your homework instead of you is the right approach. The most brilliant tactic is to assign only those tasks that take too much time and effort, especially when these aren’t the assignments in your major discipline.

For example, those students who enjoy essay writing frequently need help with math labs – and vice versa.

Most students are also concerned about their professor discovering that the paper was bought instead of being created independently.

With the goal of protecting you from data leaks, the companies we have reviewed stand for confidentiality and anonymity and follow data protection practices. 

So, should you use academic writing help or not? The correct answer is always situation-dependent. If you can manage all the tasks independently and are sincerely engaged in the learning process, you are unlikely to need additional help. 

But if you have a job and some of the disciplines are too difficult to handle, getting academic support is a value-adding option.

In this case, you are better to spend your time money-making instead of trying to sort out the things that aren’t interesting or important for your future career. 

How to Choose the Essay Writing Service That Is Right For You

The list of reliable writing services can go on and on – this is the pretty popular service on the market.

However, how do you choose the one that will suit you best? Below are the essential factors to consider before making the final choice.

  • Writers pool available. A reliable writing service also has a vast talent pool of available writers. Usually, they are carefully selected, and most of them are highly proficient in 2-3 core disciplines. You are always welcome to ask the support team about the skills and competencies of the writer your order will be assigned to. 
  • Discipline coverage. Most academic writing companies cover the main disciplines students have to learn in college and university. But pay attention to the fact that sometimes the company can abandon the orders in the most difficult disciplines. Such situations are rare to happen. However, if you need help with challenging disciplines, like aviation, you have to spend more time searching for a suitable service. 
  • Price per page. On average, the cost per page is $10-15, depending on the task’s complexity, special requirements, and the deadline. Many companies also offer a welcome bonus and share a discount for your first order. 
  • Customer service. A trusted academic writing service should also have friendly customer support. Get in touch with it in advance and ask all your questions of concern to make sure you are comfortable collaborating with a particular company. 
  • Social proof. As for the last step, search for reviews from other students. Look for their feedback on social media and other platforms and the company’s website. In this way, you will be able to get a holistic and truthful impression. 
  • Other guarantees. The company worth collaborating with should also have money back and satisfaction guarantees. Ask the support team about them and take a look at their terms and policies. 

Final Words

Getting academic help isn’t a shame. On the contrary, you can make a time and cost-effective decision, especially if you have a job and your well-being is as important as your academic grades.

Take one more look at the services we have shortlisted in this article and proceed with the one that matches your expectations best. 

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