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The 5 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Help Students Avoid Plagiarized Content

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Paraphrasing is a tactic used when writing an essay or research paper that involves taking information (usually from the internet), comprehending its meaning and then expressing it in a unique and original way.

This all has to do with how well the content is understood, whether verbally or visually. It also has a lot to do with creative writing abilities.

As modern communication is hyped up, formal language usage is facing a serious decline that includes complete meaningful sentences, proper punctuation, and capitalization.

Excess usage of slang in texting, and social posts are reassuring modern communication to a higher degree.

Paraphrasing and Students

This is the reason that many students face difficulties in learning and practicing academic writing skills and they often fail in rewriting a paper efficiently.

On the other hand, academic writing involves a process of incorporating the content that has already been published into the content that you are composing. Content paraphrasing must reflect a comprehensive context of published content with a little creative twist to support the ideas of original writers.

This seems difficult for many students, although creative writing is taught in schools to build the confidence of writing their thoughts as well as critical thinking.

But still, when students fail in rewriting the text by themselves, online paraphrasing tools are saving their back. Online free paraphrasing tools make rewriting pretty smooth by integrating new synonyms to maintain the essence of the text.

Why Do Students Need to Use Paraphrasing Tools?

These tools are also considered an easy way to avoid plagiarism while preserving the real meaning of the text.

Below are some reasons why students go for using paraphrasing tools for completing their assignments and research papers:

To Make Assignments Unique

Copying content from the web and putting it in academic papers or assignments is one common mistake that every student makes.

Many students are not well aware of copyright infringements and it is not allowed in educational institutions, not even by chance.

So as a student, you must ensure the uniqueness of your content that can be done by making sufficient changes in the original text. Online paraphrasing tools are there to help you in this.

To Make Their Papers More Readable

Students are often short on unique words and phrases and they are sometimes stuck on changing the voice of a sentence that is an important step in paraphrasing manually.

Poor vocabulary and weak sentences cause a real decline in readability scores and students will suffer bad results.

Using paraphrasing tools saves students from this hassle and adjusts sentence structure and synonyms, keeping everything in check.

To Improve Grades

Submitting unique and exceptional assignments and papers before the deadline is key for achieving good grades. Ensure every sentence in your writing is well-formatted and comprehensible in view of your teachers.

Composing lengthy assignments and not compromising on quality can really be very tiring and laborious but no worries, when you have an online paraphraser in hand.

To Avoid Plagiarism

Taking content from the web and using it in your papers without making essential amendments is the reason for plagiarism. Every student must understand the consequences of copyright infringements.

Students who are caught due to plagiarized text can be disqualified for sitting in exams or admission text. So, avoid doing copy-pasting and use online paraphrasing tools to get plagiarism-free content.

The Best Paraphrasing Tools for Students

Now that you understand how useful paraphrasing tools are for students, let’s discuss some of the best paraphrasing tools students can use in academic writings to avoid plagiarism.

Here we are mentioning 5 great websites offering paraphrasing tools, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms (NLP). Use these paraphrasing tools to compose your papers and your work will be appreciated by teachers.

1. Paraphrasingtool.Ai is an all-in-one paraphrasing tool that lets you paraphrase, summarize and generate content using a single tool while also offering the plagiarism and grammar checking feature.

It’s a user-friendly tool that lets you paraphrase the content quickly to help you avoid plagiarism. It conveniently offers paraphrasing in multiple languages and helps aid the learning process. It has 4 different modes of paraphrasing to generate customized content.

Key Features:

  • AI (NLP) integrated tool
  • Giant thesaurus
  • Built-in grammar and plagiarism checker
  • Support multiple languages
  • Unique and plagiarism free content

1. WordAi

WordAi is a complete package for all dedicated students. Using this tool might be a bit complex at first, but you will find it an amazing tool after that.

It gives all its users a free trial for 3 consecutive days to check it out if it is making your requirements fulfilled.

Key Features:

  • HTML support makes spinning easier while accessing the source code.
  • Support paragraph spinning
  • Built-in grammar checker
  • Support multiple languages
  • Readable results


The list of the best paraphrasing tools that helps avoiding plagiarism is incomplete without mentioning this remarkable free paraphrasing tool.

It is best for all students to rewrite textual content for assignments, research papers, thesis, and essay writing.

Key Features :

  • Unlimited usage is entirely free of cost
  • AI-based algorithms suggest appropriate alternatives
  • Very simple interface
  • Gives instant results
  • Generate human-readable text
  • No login and sign up is required

3. is another best online paraphrase tool that is using high databases and artificial intelligence for rewriting existing content. This tool works so well in terms of producing plagiarism-free content in a split second.

Furthermore, similar to Check Plagiarism, it also comes for free. Everyone can use it for spinning unlimited files fast.

Key Features:

  • 100% free to use
  • Plagiarized free content
  • Multiple language support
  • Report downloading option
  • Quickly paraphrase lengthy texts

4. Clever spinner

Clever spinner is AI-based developed software with some expanded characteristics. It offers a free trial to check if the tool either is producing high-quality content or not.

The key aspect of this paraphrasing tool is that it understands the core context of your content and never tries to make meaningless changes to it.

Key Features:

  • 3-day free trial for unlimited word spin
  • 100% refunding fee guarantee
  • Larger database for appropriate synonyms
  • Fast results
  • Secure to use

5. Spinbot

Spinbot is an ample example of professional paraphrase software that never disappoints its users with its inimitable results.

This is an automated word spinner that comes with restricted features but we consider it in the list because of the extraordinary fallouts it generates.

Key Features: 

  • Can be integrated using API
  • At first, it is free to use
  • The paid version gives remarkable results
  • Flexibility in writing
  • Easy interface

The Downsides of Using Paraphrasing Tools in College

All of the paraphrasing websites on the internet are harmless, pleasant, and time-efficient that supports students in “paraphrasing” texts to prevent plagiarism. It is neither harmful nor beneficial to use these rephrase tools.

However, depending too much on paraphrasing can avert students from learning correct paraphrasing techniques and it may cause failure in creative writing.

Paraphrasing can also generate unsettlingly rephrased sentences that teachers will easily recognize.

It can also produce plagiarized text which is only a misrepresentation of someone else’s work without giving proper credit to them.

Final Words

We have mentioned both the advantages and downsides of using paraphrasing tools. Furthermore, a student can take advantage of these technologies only when he knows how to paraphrase properly without using any tool.

The foremost challenge for students in schools and universities is producing plagiarism-free content for getting higher scores.

By using reliable and practical rephase tools, every student can win the competition of grades but keep in mind that not all paraphrasing tools are trustworthy.

Consider the above-mentioned tools for paraphrasing to rewrite as much exclusive text as you want for meeting the maximum writing requirements.

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