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Parents Need to Get Ready for College, Too

Written by CB Experts

College students go through a variety of emotions as they head off to college, but parents do too. This is a big transition for you all. How can you get through August, the month before the big parting?

Here are some tips:

• Make the last few days before college count. – Go on dorm shopping trips, take a family vacation, have some extended family gatherings, schedule things you like to do as a family. Make these times special and memorable.
• Allow for separation. – Your teen is feeling stress and anticipating missing his friends. If he’s away a lot with friends, never think this is about you, and remember it’s a good step to his being on his own.
• Watch your words. – Listen more than you speak. Let your teen talk about her misgivings. Don’t chastise, advise, argue or cajole. More than likely it is only venting. You need to keep your words and other interactions positive.
• Talk about drop-off day. – Explain you will help move in but that you will be leaving after that. You have to cut the cord, but let your teen know when to expect you to leave. They need to move on quickly.

And, mostly, feel proud. Rather than worry, feel loss, or be sad, be proud you and your son or daughter have gotten to this spot. It is a new beginning for you both.

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