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Parents Stress, Too, At College Application Time

Written by CB Experts

College application time is difficult, not only for students who are busy applying but also for their parents. One parent writes: So tell me why kids are applying in droves to get into these prestigious schools? Is it snobbery? Or is it that most parents are spineless like me and say ‘whatever you want dear’ while we postpone our retirement into our 70s?

It is true there is a prestige-driven rush to elite colleges. That is why The Chronicle of Higher Education reviews four new books about admissions to elite colleges. All four books look at the self-selection of admission to elite colleges and pan U.S. News and World Reports’ college rankings as being geared to selectivity, not quality.

But, parents also must weigh the nature of their child and their relationship with their child. College Basics helps parents explore these decisions in its article about being aware of the pressures involved in college choice.

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