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How to Pass the Abstract Reasoning Test

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Employers use abstract reasoning tests to check a person’s ability at identifying patterns and interpreting them. It enables the employer to assess how they see patterns in objects and how they recognize sequences. This demonstrates the judgment and intelligence level of the candidate to the employer.

This test is known for being tough, but don’t worry, this guide will help you with a bunch of steps to improve your score.

Step 1: Evaluate each shape or pattern

In an abstract reasoning test, you get different shapes and patterns that are interrelated. You need to evaluate those shapes and patterns. The key here is to break these down into small building blocks. Consider the changes in the patterns and make a note of them. Write their numbers, shapes, numbers of sides, the orientation of pattern or shapes and shading in the shapes, etc.

Step 2: Study relationships or rules of patterns

In an abstract reasoning test, you must know that there is a rule on which patterns work. When you notice the shapes that exist in a pattern, you then look over the rules on which shapes or pattern changes.

For example, a pattern might show the number of sides of the shape is growing by two as you move along the sequence (e.g the first image is a triangle, the second is a pentagon, and next will be the nonagon). If multiple rules apply to each pattern, then break them down and study them carefully.

Step 3: Select the answer that comes in a patterned sequence

When you completely understand the pattern rule then select the answer which comes next in a sequence. You should carefully look at all the answers and ensure that you have enough reasons to leave out the other options and select the correct right one.

Step 4: Practice the abstract reasoning test

Practice is necessary for all types of tests because without practice, you cannot understand how to solve the questions practically. It’s even more important for abstract reasoning tests as you’ll typically be unfamiliar with them. Practice Aptitude Tests usually have a free abstract reasoning test for you to get started.

Step 5: Understand different kinds of abstract reasoning test

In an abstract reasoning test, there are usually transformations or predictable exercises that help you to analyze the pattern of the test. There are a few types which you must know. For example, mirroring, movement along diagonal, horizontal and vertical axes, rotations in anticlockwise or clockwise, movements by angles like 180, 90 and 45 degrees and alternation of color usually between white and black.

Give yourself the best chance of passing by practicing these and learning the types of changes that occur across the various sequences.

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