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7 Things to Know: Why Teaching English Could Be the Perfect Career for You

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If you’re still on the fence on whether teaching English would be a viable career path for you, then the simple answer to that question is a big “Yes”.

The teaching career is swarming with incredible opportunities to travel and explore the world. It can allow you to embark on adventurous endeavors around the globe, and most importantly, make money while doing so.

This article will go into further detail and list down seven reasons why teaching English is superior to most other career choices for you.

1. You Love to Travel!

Travelling is one of the most treasured pleasures of life. If you are truly someone that dreams of a life full of liberating travel opportunities and exploration, then a teaching career can indefinitely help you achieve it.

Teaching English as a foreign language ultimately means that your job can require you to be at any corner of the world where necessary.

This rids you from the endless efforts of saving money so that you can fulfill your passion to travel. Instead, it integrates traveling into your profession, making it a byproduct of your source of income.

To an aspiring traveler, there is nothing more liberating than the idea of teaching in foreign countries.

2. You want to Enjoy more Vacation Days

One of the reasons why people are eager to opt for a teaching career is the vacation perk. Teachers have vacations similar to students.

This means that as an English teacher, you can expect about eight weeks of paid vacation. Most teachers also enjoy paid holidays apart from the summer and winter vacations.

Being a global language, there will always be a demand for English teachers in foreign countries. Expertise over the language, along with an accredited and recognized certificate under your belt can help you kick-start your journey as an English teacher.

There are good reasons why you need to get a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certification. With a range of different courses and quality training, a TESOL certificate puts you at the best odds for attaining a successful English teaching career.

All around the world, you will find TESOL graduates teaching English as a foreign language

3. You’re fascinated by New Cultures

Teaching English as a foreign teacher encourages you to adapt to new cultures and become accustomed to their way of living. Since you will eventually have to settle in a new environment, you will have to be open to a set of norms and values that do not align with your teachings.

In a way, you will learn more than what you will teach. You will have to rethink your cultural sensitivities and tolerances, and this will widen your perceptions of the world.

If you already share a fascination with the diversity that encompasses the people of the world, then teaching English is the most appealing profession for you.

The quality of your interactions with students abroad will help garner mutual respect between two cultures.

Ultimately, teaching English, especially to students of a foreign country can help nurture your fascination and acceptance towards other cultures.

4. You Want to Make a Change

Apart from being an efficient means of income, this line of work holds greater value. It puts you in the position to shape the character and capabilities of the future generation.

Furthermore, it also helps you work as a professional that can make a real change in the world. This change can be a result of the powerful impression that you leave on your students.

You not only have the job of teaching them the basics of the English language but also share your side of the wisdom for their personal growth. Not to mention, by enhancing their skills over the language, you can singlehanded open them to greater opportunities around the world

Imparting your knowledge of the language to a student can help elevate and inspire them to be better versions of themselves.

5. You’re Always up for a Challenge

Being an English teacher will require you to be ready for curveballs and obstacles coming your way. It can be demanding and challenging at times. Your career as an English teacher may throw you off guard by having you deal with much more than just English lessons.

Overall, you are responsible for dealing with conflicting personalities, learning issues, and sometimes-troublesome behaviors.

Therefore, if you like resolving challenges head-on, and do not shy away from adversity, then this should not be much of an issue for you.

6. You want to Make More Money

Regardless of where you are teaching, the earning potential of the teaching profession is quite commendable. Even if you are teaching English remotely online, you can still earn a handsome income.

Not to mention, the teaching profession also encompasses additional benefits. These include paid visas and accommodation depending on if you need to take your services overseas.

Teachers also usually have a full benefit plan, which involves medical insurance and other amenities.

7. You Want to Break Free from Corporate Shackles

Working as an English Teacher is a more flexible and rejuvenating experience than a corporate 9-5 lifestyle. The thought of waking up to new conversations, situations, and challenges is something that you may long for while completing tasks at your mundane desk job.

Not only that, teaching as a profession liberates you by actively imposing a healthy lifestyle. Instead of wasting away the precious years of your life inside a cubicle, you can spend that time enriching others with knowledge and wisdom through meaningful conversations.

Not to mention, it rids you from physiological issues of a desk job, such as strain on the eyes because of excessive screen time, backaches from prolonged seated positions. In other words, being an English teacher is a healthier line of work, both for the body, and the mind.

Final Words

The teaching profession offers a fulfilling income, with incredible job satisfaction. It allows you to develop your character and grow in the relative field.

The whole point of life is to enrich it with valuable experiences that you can remember for the rest of your life.

Teaching English is therefore a job that can help you do just that.

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