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8 Skills To Build Your CV and Make You More Employable

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An attractive CV that features a range of skills can be a huge advantage when applying for a new job.

Impressing recruiters with your CV can be quite a challenge, thanks to the cut-throat competition in just about every field these days.

Having certain skills on your CV is a given, but there are other skills that you may overlook which could give you that crucial edge as a candidate.

Here are 8 skills you should develop to build your CV and make you more employable:

1. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are essential if you want to reach a certain level in your career. Leadership skills are beneficial not only in managerial roles but in any role that you will be expected to take responsibility and initiative.

It is important to mention your leadership skills in your CV to give recruiters an idea of how many people you have led in the past and the targets they have successfully achieved under your guidance.

Even if you don’t have workplace leadership experience to include, you can mention leadership roles in volunteer positions or your hobbies.

2. Technical Skills

Technical skills can greatly boost your CV. Being up-to-date with the latest technical skills always gives you an added advantage while applying for a job.

For example, electricians need to be up to date with all the regulations outlined in the 18th edition of writing regulations.

It is important to mention all your technical skills in your CV as well as being up to date with the latest technical skills to make your CV look impressive.

3. Planning and Organizational Skills

Planning is an important skill which needs to be mentioned in your CV. This skill will let the recruiter know that you are disciplined and organized, which is essential for work to be completed on time.

This skill is required for all levels since, without planning, implementation is doomed to fail.

Mention examples of your past work in your CV where your forward planning has helped your team in achieving its goals. You can also mention examples of your planning skills from your personal life.

4. Research Skills

Research skills are also an advantage. A project backed by thorough research is more likely to be successful and help the company to achieve their goals.

Research skills are required in almost all types of jobs and research skills can be diverse and depend on the type of work you do.

At the managerial level, it is important to mention in detail whether you have qualitative or quantitative research skills.

Mention examples of your research skills in your CV to help the recruiters know where your abilities lie.

5. Foreign Languages

Mentioning your foreign language skills on your CV is always an added benefit especially if you are applying for a job at an international company that is dealing with foreign clients.

However, it is important to be honest and clear about your level of expertise in the mentioned language: overstating your skills could land you in trouble later.

Knowing a foreign language can impress recruiters if they deal with foreign clients, so be sure to mention all the languages you know in your CV along with your truthful level of expertise.

6. Team Work

Teamwork skills are crucial for all types of jobs. This is a basic skill but an important one since it holds the team together to achieve the desired goals in unison.

Mentioning your teamwork skills in your CV is essential to let your recruiters know how well you work with your subordinates, seniors and co-workers.

This is the most common skill found in most CV’s but is taken very seriously since recruiters look for candidates who can work effectively in a team without conflict.

7. Computer Skills

Being computer-literate is a necessity for most jobs these days. Required computer skills vary from job to job, but just about every job needs you to have at least basic computer skills.

Some jobs require the candidate to be well versed in preparing word documents and excel spreadsheets while others might require the candidate to be a pro at film editing with specific software.

Mention and update your computer skills in your CV regularly and according to the job you are applying for.

8. Communication

Communication skills are one of the most important skills to include on your CV. Having excellent communication skills is crucial when leading a team, as well as for working within a team.

Your communication with your seniors and juniors reflects how well you can manage your work and get the job done.

A good tactic is to mention an example on your CV of any conflict your team experienced and how your communication skills helped your team overcome the conflict.

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