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How to Choose a Safe and Reputable Essay Writing Service

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The struggles of academic writing have plagued students for generations because of the inherently complex and fluid expectations per school year.

To this end, quite a few organizations pride themselves on providing academic support for high school and college students to limit the anxieties and unpleasantries associated with such excessive workloads.

The issue with this element of the writing industry is that gray line that students walk in trusting another source to support their learning experiences.

In addition to these already strenuous circumstances for the students, many essay writing services offer top-tier services but sadly lack the academic prowess to provide for student needs successfully.

These predatory intentions aim to take advantage of stressed-out college students by misleading them with quality and masquerading as professional writers to divert attention from what is really non-native English speakers and poor customer service.

So, how do you choose a reputable and safe essay writing service?

Transparency, Honesty, and Support

Reputable and trustworthy essay writing services will uphold high standards for customer service and advertise American and Canadian college graduates that excel in academic expectations.

The contrast between these entities lies in the reality that transparency in marketing and product truly defines genuine operations vs. predatory ones.

It is ultimately up to the students to determine where their values lie and how much risk they are willing to take when it comes to their academic success.

Trusting any outside party for academic support comes with an innate risk, though these circumstances are irrefutably a “you get what you pay for” type of situation.

Instead of seeking out these companies with the intention to glide through college, one should take these investments seriously and learn how to develop a creative, well-thought-out paper that helps them to stand out in class.

Know What To Look For When It Comes to Scam Services

The harsh conditions of the writing industry stem from the outsourced labor to different countries, though Kenya is undeniably one of the top contenders.

Scamming sites imply that their writers are the best of the best, though many of them did not receive an education nor live in America and therefore cannot provide content consistent with those expectations.

Reputable essay writing services will boast a developed team expectation that each writer/tutor must be currently in or have graduated from an American or Canadian university.

In demanding such rigorous standards from writers, sites like these excel past their competition solely because they vet and train their writers intentionally to best provide for the students.

It is reasonable to assume that in only hiring qualified writers, sites of this quality would pay them consistent with those expectations.

There are many sites that offer their Kenyan writers merely one dollar per page of content; clearly, their priorities lean more towards profiting short-term than developing a long-term client list.

This horrific truth indicates that neither the student nor the writer is important to the site because of the sheer mass of desperation in the industry as a whole; perhaps it is a reminder to both parties that they are largely unimportant to the site.

Marketing to people in need of support while also taking advantage of both the client and the writer clearly displays the morals and integrity of many companies arguing to be the best in the business.

It seems realistic, then, that a company in this line of work could be more easily defined by the consistency in quality and the treatment of the writers.


It is genuinely a shame that the essay writing industry has become overrun with greedy, incapable companies solely looking to take advantage of a desperate situation.

It is also challenging to find a credible resource that does not break the bank or target struggling students looking for support.

Many sites employ specific strategies to ease a student’s mind by suggesting that the writers have strong academic foundations or that the prices can be adjusted depending on need.

Realistically, though, these persuasion tactics do little to cloud the fact that many of these sites are simply not qualified for the services they provide.

Students are therefore responsible for doing significant research to determine which essay writing services actually aim to help them and which are solely looking for an easy paycheck.

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