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Scholarship Hunters Beware!

Written by CB Experts

Has someone contacted you promising to help you get a scholarship and guaranteeing a full refund if you do not receive at least one $1,000 scholarship? Red Flag!

Why should there be any fee to begin with? Applications to scholarships are free. And, many of these offers for refunds fail to mention there is a non-refundable processing fee that can range from $69 to $199.

Here are some scholarship scam alerts:

• If a service guarantees a scholarship – There are no guaranteed scholarships out there.
• If a service or company advertises that you will have no work – You always have to at least fill out an application.
• If there is any fee – No grant or scholarship requires any fee.
• If you are asked to give a credit card or bank account number – You should never give out this information without knowing the company well.
• If you are notified you have won a scholarship and as a finalist have more to do – No scholarships are awarded to anyone who has not first applied.
• If the service states they are the only source of this information about available scholarships – All legitimate scholarship information can be found on the internet, through your guidance office, or in local or school libraries.

The scholarship hunt is not easy, but you are better off to do it yourself; there are no free promises in this world.

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