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Starting College on the Right Foot

Written by CB Experts

Sure, you have everything under control as you head to college for your first year in just a couple weeks. Yes, you have some fears and there are some unknowns. And, yes, college will be a great experience.

But, keep in mind three solid pieces if advice as you head out.

Always follow through:
• You have committed to attend your classes. Do so. Faculty talk about students among themselves, and you want to have a good reputation as well as pass the course.
• Do group projects with your peers and show up for study times. If you do not, your peers will begin to realize they can’t count on you.
• Be there for friends. If you say you’ll meet someone, show up. Friends are to be trusted.

People are there for you:
• Of course your parents are there for you. If you need to, call them or ask for a care package.
• There are professionals on campus just to help students. Ask your resident assistant (RA) to explain things, talk to your faculty advisor if you don’t like your course selectins, use the counseling center on campus if you need some advice or to talk things through, and contact the Dean of Students Office for information, direction, and guidance in all things.
• Don’t think of faculty as evaluators only. They are there to help you and have chosen to work with students like you. Talk to them, take advantage of their office hours, and ask for extra help if you need it.

Say Yes: Take all opportunities as this is the time in your life to risk and fail without too many consequences.
• Date different people.
• Think about studying abroad.
• Explore around the region of your campus with friends.
• Try different food.
• Talk with professors.
• Join different activities.

You’re ready or college, and college is ready for you. Enjoy!

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