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How Colleges Can Protect Students from Abuse

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Colleges are there to shape the lives of students and affect their lives in this crucial stage of their life.

Ideally, a college should have safety measures and precautions available. The campus should be free from sexual violence and mental abuse.

Colleges and universities must play a crucial role in ensuring students’ safe and secure study centers.

A college must have programs for students to protect them from being victims of Abuse. A couple of college rules should also be put in place as this will act as a check on students’ conduct on campus.

There are different types of abuse students might adopt. Some of these are drug abuse, sexual assault, and violence.

Students should read the effect of drug abuse essay because it’ll serve as a guide for them. There are different essay samples online instructors can share with students.

Several measures should be put in place to tackle the issue of abuse in colleges. The issue of rape culture, mental abuse, and sexual harassment in colleges should be reduced.

How Colleges Can Protect Students from Abuse

Universities and colleges can use the following directives to protect students from abuse.

The Staff Must Undergo Training on How to Handle Sexual Abuse/Mental Abuse

The staff should know and identify the signs of abuse. Abuse comes in different forms. The staff should understand what abuse looks like, enabling them to know how to tackle it.

The teachers should be taught tips in dealing with child protection. The staff must protect their students. This training will check staff; through this, they can detect a staff with a negative motive.

The staff should be warned against harming students. The training should be centered on ensuring their total well-being.

Vetting of School Staff

All staff should be checked if they have any traces of a criminal record. Any staff found guilty of being an abuser should be relieved of their duties.

To ensure the campus is safe, the University must engage in background checks of the school staff.

The University management must ensure that the staff they employ aren’t harmful to students. Some staff, too, are known for always vetting bad behaviors.

Such staff should be avoided in colleges.

The College Should Always Run Awareness Campaigns

The campaign might be about inviting a speaker to talk to students. The awareness programs teach them how to escape being a victim of abuse of any form.

They also learn preventive measures to deal with future assaults. Also, they are taught their college rules and how to call for help in a critical situation.

The University Should have Safety Escort Services

The escort service will help students to be safe on campus. Students mustn’t experience any form of discomfort during their stay on campus.

The campus escort services can see to protecting them from looming danger on campus.

Students can also report to the safety escort services if they feel unsafe or threatened on campus.

The College Should be a Safe Learning Environment

The college can be a safe learning environment if learners are prevented from being abused.

The school environment becomes safe when perpetrators know they will be held accountable.

If aggressors are exposed to the consequences of their actions, they will avoid assaulting students.

The College Should Prevent Inadequate Relationships at School

Staff and students alike should be prevented from having sexual relationships in the school. It is an offense for staff to be in a sexual relationship with a student.

Such an act should be condemned in the college. The relationship won’t end well except for abuse and sexual assault.

Women and Girls on Campus Should Be Empowered

The learning environment should be less toxic, and women should be taught to stand for themselves.

The school administrators must support women’s voices and organizations. Women empowerment week should be introduced to enhance women’s feelings and confidence.

The women empowerment will serve as a support group to see through any abuse against women on campus.


The college has a lot of roles to perform as a guard of the students. They must ensure students’ rights are met.

They should develop the college rules and make sure learners abide by them. Colleges should provide resources to ensure that the students are protected from assault.

The staff has a lot to do to ensure students’ safety. The students have a role to play in protecting themselves from abuse.

They should get involved on campus and share sexual violence tips. They can form an organization in the University vicinity to protect from the abuse of any form.

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