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Tax Benefit for Parent(s) of College Students


You can get a tax credit if you have a child in college—yes, a tax credit, not just a deduction! Check out the American Opportunity Credit. It’s worth a $2,500 discount on your tax bill.

How? Well, you have to spend $4,000 a year on college related expenses: tuition, books, supplies, and equipment. How hard is that??

Other eligibility requirements include
• You must claim your child as a dependent and
• Your income can not exceed $90,000 a year (if you are single) or $180,000 a year (if you are married). Note: the discount is reduced starting at $80,000 for singles, and $160,000 for married parents.

This credit is good four years. So, tell junior to earn that degree in the allotted time, and discourage graduate school.