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Key Tips for English Teaching in Italy for Education Students

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English is an international language, used across the globe to navigate various human interactions. Since many countries are not native speakers of the language, there is a need to include English in the school curriculum. This way, students can learn how to speak it at an early age, empowering them to compete favorably at the global level. Many countries are now taking this up, and one such country is Italy.

Italy is one of Europe’s most preferred tourist’s destinations. Visitors go there to look at historical landmarks, enjoy Italian food, as well as experience the country’s culture. Aside from tourism, the country is also beginning to attract graduates who want to teach English in Italy.


  • Italy is appealing for teaching jobs mainly because there is an existing need for more students to learn English. Only a portion of Italian citizens is proficient in the language. This also means that the country will have fewer teachers of its own to cater for all the students. That is why the country has a relatively high demand for English teachers.
  • Aside from that, Italy also appeals to teachers because it is a beautiful country to live in. Italy has a rich history, as well as vast and beautiful landscapes. The country is also connected with proper infrastructure in the form of roads and railways. This way, movement around the country is easy and convenient.


  • There are a few challenges that come with these teaching jobs. First, the profession does not pay as well as others. This salary may prove quite hard to live on, especially in the urban areas. Most of the money would go into transport and other such utilities. Teaching salaries in Italy also come with fewer benefits when compared to other jobs.
  • Even so, those who are interested in going to teach English in Italy can easily do so, as long as they plan ahead. This would entail saving enough money before leaving, money which they can then use to start themselves off in Italy before they settle into their new jobs. It would also be wise to choose an affordable area to live in, especially if one is just starting out. Later, a person might end up earning more money to enable them to live in the city.


English teachers looking to start working in Italy should possess a degree from a recognized university. The degree must not necessarily be in English or similar subjects. Also, the job might require proof of qualification to teach English. This can be in the form of test results for an examination such as TOEFL. Other necessities will include;

• A visa
• A work permit
• Academic certificate
• Proof of at least one year’s experience in teaching or other forms of mentorship
• Travel documents


Before leaving one’s country, it is important to look into the schools that are in need of teachers. A simple website search should help with this. Depending on personal preference, one can choose between a public or private should, a big or a small school. The salaries paid in these schools will vary.

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