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The Benefits Of Date Night For College Students

Written by CB Community

Date nights are often assumed to be a waste of time by many students.

This is quite justifiable, seeing that dating can be difficult to balance with loads of schoolwork to attend to.

Date nights are also mostly deemed negative due to the tendencies of students to go overboard with romance and emotions.

However, if college students would be careful, they can take advantage of date nights in the following ways:

1. An Opportunity to Have Real Conversations

The relaxed atmosphere during a date night would ease the communication process between you and your date.

Seated across from each other, holding hands while walking at the park, or whatever else both of you are doing on that date could generate some of the best conversations you’ve both ever had.

Also, both students are more likely to relax and let their guard down for a bit during date night.

Typically, a student’s mind would be preoccupied with schoolwork, but a date would allow both parties to get to know each other in a more personalized way.

Personal topics you might discuss include family, dreams, aspirations, fears, and issues you are both grappling with. Such discussions wouldn’t normally happen in a school setting.

2. An Opportunity to Try Something New

Some students may tend to keep canceling on personal plans to try something new, and they might feel this is justified since they owe no one an explanation.

A student’s cycle of canceling on themselves can continue endlessly, all in the name of focusing on their academics. Date night is an easy way to break that cycle.

If you’ve agreed to go on a date with a fellow student, then it follows that you are technically obligated to show up for the date.

In the time leading up to the date, you might both have to decide where to go or what to try out on your date night. The details could well be a surprise, too.

A date night offers you an opportunity to try something completely new and different.

If you have recurring date nights, make sure you shuffle locations, activities, and other details to make it more exciting. For more date night ideas you can check out sites like Sunrise Village to learn about more activities like ice skating and board games.

3. You Can Have Fun at A Minimal Cost

Having no extra cash to spoil themselves a little is often enough excuse for students not to have fun.

A date night can solve that issue for you and your date by providing an opportunity to enjoy a great time at a very low cost. This is possible because you can both enjoy a fun time together while sticking to a budget.

In some cases, your date might offer to pick up the entire bill for the night, while in other cases, you might both split the bills.

Either way, you get to have fun while keeping the costs pretty low.

Also, there are often combo offers for couples, which will drive the cost of having fun on a date night even lower.

4. You Get To Create Lasting Relationships

Date nights are date nights. What a date night evolves into is dictated by the personalities, ideologies, and concepts of the students involved.

However, generally, date nights can be a way to create lasting relationships.

Great friends or lifelong lovers—both ways are lasting relationships that can be formed when one student offers to take another on a date.

5. An Opportunity To Share Your School Burdens

Yes, we all love to keep the serious stuff away from a date night.

However, sometimes, you just can’t put the school stuff off your mind even though you are physically present.

An observant date might notice you’re looking slightly off from your usual self. A date would typically move in to ask what’s wrong. You don’t have to pass on the opportunity to share.

Call it a school date if you want, but sharing such school issues comes with benefits. If you’re lucky to have a date who knows more about your field or the issue at hand, you’ll be able to weigh their advice and deliberate on the topic.

However, there’s still a catch with clueless dates. They can surely try hard to impress, so they’ll likely dig up all the good stuff they can offer to a conversation.

While they might not be that well-versed about the issue you presented, you might still have your eureka moment as people can surprise you.

If this happens, make sure you acknowledge the help or advice they’ve offered.

The worst that could happen is your date is unable to help at all. Yet, the opportunity to share your burden with your date still counts for something.

Decluttering your mind during that discussion might have been all you needed to solve the problem when you revisit it.

6. An Opportunity To Focus On Someone Else

Success in a school environment primarily thrives on focusing on yourself alone.

Of course, there are school project teams, but your commitment to the team is hinged upon trying to get good grades, even if your teammates are the worst.

A date night offers you an excellent opportunity to focus on someone else for a little while. Naturally, you will hardly go on a date with someone you’re not interested in.

When you’re on a date, you get to listen to the parts that matter to the other person the most. You also get to study them better, and see what moves or motivates them.

This shift in routine of not focusing on yourself for once can let you have a view of life from another person’s perspective.

During such times, you also get to see how beautiful the outdoors are at night.

7. A Stress-Free Break From School Work

Schoolwork can sometimes swamp students so much that they generally have no time to have fun.

Even when students make mental plans to take breaks from doing schoolwork, it just doesn’t work out, or they tend to constantly postpone.

A date night literally forces you to get away from your schoolwork to have some leisure time.

Such breaks can prove very helpful in boosting your psyche when you get back to your study table.

8. It Improves Your Psyche In Facing Schoolwork

Academic work does take a toll on students, often resulting in their poor psyche.

A date night can help boost a student’s psyche, and it can stem from the happy moments and memories they’ve experienced from dating.

You might also find the times leading up to a date night too exciting to pass off. From picking the right clothes to getting picked up or driving over to your date’s, the entire experience is sure to send a pleasant jolt to your otherwise diminishing sense of self.

Final Thoughts

Dating in college is not a strange concept for most students. After all, both students are deemed young adults.

However, dates that are too frequent or getting too emotionally immersed in dating can also greatly affect schoolwork.

Experiencing the benefits from a date night should be prioritized over its negative impacts.

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