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The Newest Need for College This Fall—the iPhone!

Written by CB Experts

More and more colleges are using iPhones for classes. Abilene Christian University is distributing iPhones to all its in-coming freshmen this fall, Stanford has programs that integrate iPhones, University of Florida pharmacy students are required to have iPhones, and now the Missouri University School of Journalism is requiring either an iPod Touch or the iPhone. (For those who can not afford either, the University allows use of an Apple computer instead.)

The University of Missouri has a program called Tegrity that converts all lectures into digital downloads available through iTunes. It is found that students who listen to a lecture twice are 3 times as likely to retain the information, so this kind of lecture availability is good for all students in all courses. In fact, Apple is already trying to deploy more iPhones to universities and is launching the iPhone Developer University that allows direct access of university lectures to an iPhone without need of a host computer.

Parents and students entering college this fall may want to have this handy technology for better learning. What about the cost? Apple has offered student rebates on the iPhone through Tiger Tech; check with them or Apple. And, parents should make sure computers and iPhones are insured in case students lose them on campus. Campuses are not insured to cover these losses.

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