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The Optional Interview

Written by CB Experts

Some colleges state that an interview with them is optional. But, is it really? It is tempting in your busy senior year not to take the extra time, and money, to go for an optional college interview. Still any interview is really an opportunity, and you should take it.

Do elect to take advantage of the college interview. Why is it an advantage?

First, it allows you to put a face on your application, which is only paper. If admissions has a face to go with the paper, that will help to distinguish your candidacy.

Second, if you bother to interview, it shows the college you have taken the time and interest in them. This strengthens your application.

Finally, an interview gives you an additional opportunity to make sure this college is really for you. Do you like the people you talk to, the atmosphere, the sense of the place?

Of course, travel expenses may make an interview less of an option for some people. However, if this is the case for you, ask if the college has alumni in your area with whom you could interview. Or ask if there is an option for a phone interview. Any interview is better than none.

Once you do take the opportunity to interview, make sure to do it right

–Do not answer with one-word answers. A yes or no answer doesn’t cut it. Try to give full and personal answers.

–Do present well. Don’t underdress in ripped jeans with a t-shirt or chew gum. Make sure to make eye contact and shake your interviewer’s hand.

–And, most importantly, don’t go to waste the interviewer’s time. Do your homework. Know something about the college to explore or ask about, even if it’s only a specific activity the college offers.

Adding the personal touch to an application is always better, and any interview offers you the chance to create that personal touch.

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