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Time to Follow up on Your College Applications

Written by CB Experts

You may have sent in your applications, even early, but you’re not done yet. Think about it. There are many potential slip ups between the sending of your application and acceptance. Some colleges require mid-semester grades (in January). You should make sure your high school has sent them. Teachers whom you have asked to write recommendations and send them into the colleges you are applying to may not have done so yet. Maybe you should check in with them again politely. Then there are transcripts and test scores. Did they arrive on time?

All of these doubts mean you need to follow up on all your applications. How?

The best way is to call. You should call each of the colleges you have applied to. It will take about two weeks from the time of sending in your application to have it processed. Most colleges will send you a confirmation of having received your materials, but some will not. Even if you do receive a confirmation, that doesn’t mean your application is complete.

So call. And, do it yourself. It seems much more mature if you call, not your parents.

Here’s what you do–

  • Call admissions and give your name.
  • Then ask for the person in charge of your application file. If there is no one person, then ask for the first available admissions officer.
  • Ask if your application is complete and if there is anything you can do to make the job of processing your application easier.
  • Ask permission to call this person again if new information becomes available, like updated GPAs, new honors, or new awards.

If you get a voice mail, leave your name, your contact information, and say you are checking to make sure your application is complete.

Not only will a follow up call to all the colleges you have applied to ease your mind about the status of your application, but this call will also give you a contact person with whom you can be in touch to supplement your application and to find out about when to expect acceptance notification.

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