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Tips for Writing a Good Book Review 

Written by CB Community

Many students would love to share their thoughts on their latest writing. This is a great way to let your followers know about your exhilarating new page or provide a heads up that a book couldn’t meet the intentions.

As a bookworm, you should know how to write a book so that students would find the book accessible and comprehensible when they find it in any bookstore.

Suppose you own a personal blog or Goodreads with free essay examples, and you want to write an instructive and beneficial review for your audience who are into education.

Accessing the book summary websites will help university students understand what a review entails and how to go about it.

These reviews aid college students in finding the intentions of the piece writing as well as creating a criticism of the book

In a nutshell, students present their impression considering the author’s notions contained in the passage when a book is reviewed. Lyndsey’s reviews on Goodreads are review examples and many others.

This text will highlight the tips for writing a good book review, which will help a university student criticize or appreciate a book’s author in a store.

Write a Summary of the Story

This is the first approach to the book review. In this context, summary writing is being mentioned because it must be considered.

As a university student who wants to know how to write a summary of the story, you need to commence with an introductory sentence that expresses the text’s title, author, and the book’s main point.

Suppose a student knows how to write a review. They will start it up with a summary whereby the author’s key point won’t be left out.

In writing a story summary, a college student is not expected to insert any of their viewpoints, perceptions, deductions, or comments into a summary.

For instance, stating the plot of a play and the rest of them.

Highlight the Defining Characteristics of The Story

For a proper book review, you need to emphasize the defining characteristics of the story. In education, reviewing books is encouraged so students would get to know the book’s intention.

Moreover, a story consists of five basic elements or components: characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution.

These components keep the story running smoothly and permit the effort to develop logically so the reader can follow.

Illustrate Your Arguments With Quotes

When it comes to reviews, writing is paramount. It involves correlating the abstract and concrete.

By abstract, we represent presenting suggestions, making assertions, drawing conclusions, and many more.

By concrete, we give information, state facts, and make statements.

As a bookworm, you need to engage in both procedures. In a nutshell, the argument is what a writer supplies in the form of an insight judgment. It is the creative, critical component.

To illustrate your arguments with quotes in a book review, you must do the following as a student:

  1. Introducing the author of the quotation.
  2. State the quotation.
  3. Summarize the quotation.
  4. Analyze the quotation.
  5. State the quotation’s relevance to your argument.

By doing all these, your arguments will be properly illustrated.

Make a Good and Informative Conclusion

This is also a critical tip for writing a good review. The informative conclusion summarizes the key points of the information.

It reminds the scholar of the motive of the book. Not only that, it explains the importance of the book and leaves them with a few questions to think about.

A conclusion example is the summary of the main points and the most important issues raised throughout the thesis or the book.

This tip helps the reader or audience feel as though they entirely comprehend the topic they’ve been reading about.

To make informative conclusions, you need to do the following:

  • Include a topic sentence.
  • Begin your conclusions with a topic sentence.
  • Use your introductory paragraph as a guide.
  • Summarize the main ideas.
  • Appeal to the reader’s emotions.
  • Include a closing sentence.


In education, writing a book review is very important, especially for students in college.

In learning how to write a book, this format or tips must be followed to have a well comprehensible piece of writing.

When we read books at the store, the review enables us to get the facts in the formation of the book.

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