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Tips that Can Help you get Admitted to College

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College acceptance rates are as low as 6%, not a high percentage! This is probably due to the huge numbers of students who are now applying to college. So how can you improve your chances for college admission?

Here are a few simple but effective tips that help you get admitted to college.

Apply Early Decision – Early Decision applicants are accepted at rates 2 to 3 times higher than those in the regular decision pool. Of course, these are binding acceptances; if you get in, you can not apply to other colleges. If this is not a possible scenario for you, you might try Early Action.

Apply to schools that super score your SATs and ACTs – Some colleges will only look at the highest score you have gotten on either you SATs or ACTs.   That means you can take the tests multiple times and the school will only see your highest scores. This gives you an advantage.

Make sure your application is accurate – Spelling, complete information, and, yes, making sure you have no sloppy references to other schools you are applying to are important. Make sure your essays are well-written and positive as well.

Interview – Even if the college’s materials say the interview is optional, you should still interview. It gives you a chance to make an impression. But, be prepared with thought out answers. Make sure you know the school well, that you have thought about possible questions you may be asked, and they you have thought through how you might respond.

Apply to colleges where your parents matriculated – Legacy status is important to colleges, and admission for legacy students can be 4 times higher than for regular applicants.



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