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Finding a Way to Travel and Learn in Barcelona, Spain

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Learning English has always been on the to-do list of every person who did not belong to the Anglo-speaking part of the population.

But what do English-speaking people learn?

Well, if you, as an English-speaking person and feel like learning a new language, it is a possibility at hand the idea of learning Spanish intensively in Barcelona.

This idea of traveling to a place and finding a way to speak the local people’s language is possible since places in the world dedicate their lives to teaching a language.

Speaking Spanish has not always been as popular as the idea of speaking English. However, this is changing.

Nowadays, more and more people are living in other countries to live new experiences and accomplish the new ventures they have always desired to have.

For this, at least, a basic knowledge of the language in question is a way to start.

Spain has become the target of many foreigners when deciding to live abroad. This may be so because Spain is a country full of attractions regarding natural and city life.

In the past, not speaking Spanish was a barrier, but nowadays, as I said before, this has changed.

If you go to Barcelona, you will find Spanish courses in Barcelona. These courses offer many possibilities for those who need to learn the language.

Spanish School

The Spanish Schools are located in Barcelona but there are schools also in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and many cities worldwide.

However, taking a course in Barcelona is one of the most popular choices for students. This is because the city of Barcelona has many attractions for tourists and is a city full of foreigners.

In Barcelona, students will find many people from different countries undergoing the same situation.

In a new country, new people are ready to learn the language and prepared to be part of a new culture.


The courses available are ready for everyone who wants to take Spanish lessons. Courses are prepared for the students to have the most rewarding experience they could have.

This is so because those students who want to study Spanish have different needs.

Therefore, schools prepare group courses, individual courses, intensive courses in Barcelona, or long-term program courses. All these will adjust specifically to each student’s necessity.

Teachers and Teachers’ Methodology

Teachers are professionals who are willing not only to educate foreigners with the Spanish language but who also are ready to show students the culture.

They prepare classes oriented towards students’ goals. They can propose topics of discussion that will help students improve their language skills when talking about difficult topics.

They will also teach how the grammar of the new language works and help them to put it into practice.

Students will have computers available, and classes will also have multimedia devices available to use in class.

For teachers, it is of paramount importance that their students have a great command of Spanish when speaking. The communicative part is very important for teachers, as they encourage their students to go and live in the city, to experience life in Barcelona as if they were locals.

However, they do not only focus on speaking skills but they also focus on the other skills which are as necessary as the others, such as listening, writing, and reading.

Spanish Attractions

Spain is a country full of art. This is one of the reasons why many people choose it as a target country as it is full of museums, parks, and other highlights.

In Barcelona, the most well-known and absolute number one tourist attraction is the Sagrada Familia Church. This holy Cathedral, designed by Antonio Gaudí, has not yet been finished. They hope to finish its restoration by 2026.

The second most well-known tourist attraction is Park Güel. This park is famous because of its mosaic benches and salamander. It is a very crowded place, and because of that it has a limited number of visitors per hour, it used to be free.

And, last but not least, nowadays many people want to visit the Camp Nou Stadium as watching a match of the best European football team has become a must-see.

Moreover, Casa Mila and Casa Battló, also of the architect Gaudí, are tourist attractions that cannot be missed.

All these are worth being mentioned because the Spanish schools in Barcelona are located in the center of the city, really close to many of these attractions and close to many means of transport which would make it easier getting to that sightseeing which is not so in the center of the city.

Spanish Culture

Another reason why Spanish culture is so influential when learning a language is that, as a foreigner, context is necessary to understand why everything is the way it is.

Teachers also want students to enhance their abilities and go through the city speaking and practicing the language they have taught.

Fortunately, these experiences generally result in satisfaction and can also be seen as compensation for the hard work, as learning a language is not a piece of cake.


All in all, the idea of learning a new language may sound scary for many people, but even if you are not planning to go and move to another country if you are just a tourist who wishes to be involved in the Spanish culture, taking a Spanish course in Barcelona is a good possibility to understand how a country behaves.

Furthermore, speaking the native language of the country is an excellent way to prove your capability.

Students who have taken the courses have seen themselves speaking and understanding others and being understood, and that is an experience that must be felt, as it is tough to put that feeling into words.

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