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Use Your December Break to Find Money for College

Written by CB Experts

College costs a LOT! But, college is not out of reach if you search for outside money to help you out. That means depending on financial aid but also adding in scholarship monies.

Here are some tips we have for you using this December break to get more money for you to attend college next fall.

  • First, fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASA). Find out what information you need by looking over the application and then sit down in one family session to fill it out. You should get the FAFSA in as early as January 1 and no later than January 31. You can get the application form online or in your guidance counselor’s office. For help see our articles about financial aid on the main site.
  • Second, set aside say an hour a day during your break for your whole family to find scholarships. Think students AND parents, but also grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. With a team effort you can find more available money.
  • Third, know how and where to search for scholarships. You want to look right under your noses and then have a wider search online. CollegeBasics provides good advice about scholarship searching on its main site.
  • Last, when you find a possible scholarship, make sure you note down the important details. Always record the due date. Also note what else my be required. Some scholarship applications require a transcript of your grades, recommendations from your school, essays that may have a particular subject area and/or word length.

Good luck with finding money for your college education. One hour a day will not ruin your vacation, but it could help shape the rest of your life.

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